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Can you believe it, it is the Chinese New Year weekend already! Many people have been waiting for this break. Poor citizens of Singapore finally have three days off from work. As for me, due to the small amount of relatives in Singapore, I have a lot less visiting to do. Nail parlors, hair salons and supermarkets are filled with people right now. Not to mention, the public transport. Oh god, I dare not imagine the horror during this festive period. When there's all these crazy rush in town, it really makes me appreciate time spent at home just watching TV by myself. 

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Suede wedges - Brash, Payless | Socks - Daiso

As my outfit is relatively plain, I took the opportunity to play with details. I am a huge fan of accessorizing, especially statement pieces! The Bottega Veneta-esque weave bag brings texture to my cotton dress. I added Japanese wave socks with repetitive patterns that matches my bag visually. My accessories are different on their own but still looks harmonious beside each other. This cute combination definitely rewards a curious eye for details!

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Revlon Matte lipstick in Wine Not

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Weaved bag - m)Phosis

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Dress - c/o Dressabelle

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Photos by JJ

Happy Chinese New Year to you! If you are visiting, remember to dress comfortably and shoes that are easy to remove. Stay happy, healthy and always count your blessings. I hope you enjoyed this post!