Review: Topshop Makeup

It seems like half the girls I know own at least a Topshop nail polish, lipstick, or both. Those are the most popular items. I decided to give these adorably packaged goodies a try. The above are the only ones I own and I am going to tell you how I feel about them. 

  • Packaging - I love it! The clean, doodle style packaging runs consistent throughout all products. I have never seen a makeup line that looks as playful! White packaging often feels cheap and tacky, but Topshop managed to do the complete opposite. However, I have to warn you that as beautiful as white packaging looks, they tend to get dirty easily.
  • Price - I feel that most products were priced reasonably for its quality and volume. Except for their eyelash curlers and nail polishes which I find ridiculous. You can judge for yourself the next time you're in stores!

1. Topshop Waterproof Liner (~S$11)

Swatch for 'Earth'
Earth is a creamy eyeliner that is moss green with golden shimmer. It applies on very smoothly and blend-able, but sets waterproof once dry. However, it does not work well on hooded (like mine) and single eyelids. It's not oil resistant so it smudges when it gets in contact with oil.

I prefer applying along the lower lid with a winged eyeliner for that instant smokey effect. Great for days when you want eye makeup but don't have the time. Since there's no creases on the lower lid, the liner stays put all day. I feel like the green eyeliner really brings out the brown in my eyes! You can also use the liner as an eyeshadow base; simply apply into lid, blend out with finger then set it with an eyeshadow. 

Swatch for 'Sunbeam'

This has got to be my favourite highlighter of all time! Sunbeam is a gold pressed powder that is almost of a metallic finish. It's a 2-in-1 product which also doubles up as an eyeshadow. It's highly pigmented so I recommend using a fluffy brush or gently tap with your fingers. I find too many highlighters to be overly frosty which can appear greasy and artificial but this one is just right!

When applying highlight, less is more. If you have oily skin like me, make sure to use a semi-matte foundation first. That's because you only want certain parts of the face to appear dewy. Dewy skin gives a healthier and younger appearance due to the plumped effect! 

As you can already see, the highlighter is definitely visible. It catches a lot of light, giving a luminous effect to my complexion. I really love that it's gold because it looks better on warm undertones. This might now suit those who are extremely fair or has cool undertones. For those who own Soft And Gentle by MAC, how do you feel about it? Let me know!

Swatch for 'Infrared'
Infrared is a creamy fluorescent orange lipstick. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a semi-gloss finish because it applies on really moist. As much as I love the colour, its texture was not as impressive. It's comparable to the texture NYX Circle Lipsticks which tends to sink into lines and emphasizes flaky lips no matter how hard you've exfoliated. It's rather sheer which allows you to build the opacity you desire. You can use as a tint or a full colour lipstick as shown in the swatch above. There is a mild fruity scent but nothing bothering.

I have a love-hate relationship with orange lipsticks. On one hand, orange makes my skin colour look amazing but on the other hand, it makes my teeth look even more yellow. Yikes. Doesn't help when my teeth is already badly stained by coffee. 

Overall, I am enjoying the products so far but I don't think I will be repurchasing the eyeliner. The highlighter is my favourite in my entire makeup collection and I highly recommend to all my friends! As for the lipstick, I am neutral about them... Yes, Topshop carries some unique colours but I honestly think there are better lip products in the market.

Have you tried any Topshop makeup before and what do you think about them? I am open to try more so let me know your recommendations!