Sweater - ZARA | Beanie - H&M

Overlay shorts - c/o Dressabelle | Bracelet - Charles & Keith

Basic sandal heels - ZARA

Photos by Yun Jing

Origami bottoms are one of the biggest trends this year and I'm sure ninety percent of you have already seen someone wearing these somewhere. Since I am an active lookbook.nu user, my source of inspiration came from people who rocked the distinguished ZARA skort; appearing on every twenty people whom you scroll past the main feed. Well, what makes the skort so well-loved is its beautiful yet functional design. Mini skirts are nice but often impractical (to me), especially on windy days and if you have to take lots of stairs. Shorts on the other hand are comfortable but admit it, they can look sloppy. I believe firmly that it's always better to overdress than underdress, so somebody must have been a genius to invent a skort. Skorts are probably the second best invention for women after high heels. I like to wear mine with a chunky sweater because it complements the sleek design of the skort. Sneakers like converse or Suparga would go really nice with this outfit but I decided on heels so it's a little more dressy. The beanie was the last touch which toned down the 'seriousness' on the whole. A little unexpected accessory always make things more interesting!