Junk Sweater

Cropped knit sweater - ZARA | Jeans - River Island (second hand)

The ZARA sale is right now and obviously, I couldn't resist visiting all three outlets along Orchard Road. It must have been a miracle for me to only check out with one sweater (phew). Well technically it was my mother who kindly paid for it, even though she couldn't quite understand why I liked a grumpy mustard knit. But I thought the 'inside out' seams look super rugged and cool for casual days. It reminded me of a  potato sack.

Body harness - c/o O'ORO (yet to launch)

I have been looking for a body harness for so long, and stopped ever since O'ORO sent me one. I LOVE IT! I used to look all over Topshop and ASOS but never found an ideal. Some were too expensive, some were overly exaggerating with skulls and studs. Harnesses can look provocative, you know. When worn appropriately, they look super edgy with a plain white tee or maxi dress.

Revlon matte lipstick in Wine Not | Cross earrings - New Look

I love having my pixie slicked back mostly but I'm taking a break today for a more relaxed style. I'm still in the midst of discovering different ways to style my pixie. Which one do you prefer?

Wedge ankle creeper boots - Underground

Photos by my mom (surprise!)

Fun fact: these jeans were passed down from my friend Nicholas. Can you believe how skinny he was?!