Back To School

Guess what, I am back to school after a well deserved break! I am getting my geek mode back on, determined to be a good student for the rest of my uni days. One of the biggest anxieties for most, whether it's for your first day of school, internship or work is deciding what to wear. Including myself. We all want to look our best without ending up like an awkward turtle or overly flamboyant. You sorta want to 'test the waters' before showing everyone what you've got right? You get my idea.

Scarf - Mom's vintage | Tortoise shell frames - Taiwan

Khaki work pants - c/o Dressabelle 

What I have learnt over the years: It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. No arguments on that! I believe dressing up is a form of respect towards all the new people you're about to meet. The tricky part is how to look great and 100% comfortable at the same time. It may not be obvious but in fact, worrying about your mini skirt riding up or spilling curry on a white dress are more energy consuming than you think. 

For that, I always prefer to wear pants on my first days. Instead of jeans (which I often prefer), try the khaki pant for a more polished, preppier look. I can sit down, run up the stairs and deal with my tote bag, hand carried laptop and not spare a single thought into a possibility of 'accidents'. On my first days, I think khaki is better than black because it makes you appear more approachable. No one likes an overly serious member, it's already awkward enough starting conversations!

Collar shirt - Vintage | Oversized blazer - G2000

More often than not, your work place is colder than you expected. Blame it on central air-cons. Ever since school started, I have been carrying an outer wear with me daily. I like to work with layerable pieces because it's far more flexible than wearing a thick sweater alone, especially when the weather suddenly gets hot. A plain white shirt is a safe choice for everyone, reflects plenty of light onto the face! 

Vintage Cadali  Taylor watch - c/o Late Rabbit

The best accessory has to be a watch for me. Although Late Rabbit sent me this vintage Cadali watch intended for a feature, I genuinely adore it and have been wearing it all the time ever since. As I have mentioned before, what I love most is its ultra thin leather strap followed by the minimal watch face. There's nothing not to love about this beautiful piece of jewelry that is functional as well. If you're too into rare vintage watches, I urge you to give them a visit.

Smooch! flats - c/o O'ORO | Socks - Tutu Anna

Although you guys see me wearing a lot of heels in my posts, it is so much better to wear flats in school. Especially on the first week when I have to walk loads exploring the compound. You'd catch me in boots most of the time but these playful flats (can you tell that's a lip?!) will add a burst of colour on those gloomy days. Plus it'll look super cute with a red lip!

Photos by JJ

P.S. I love pants that fit without the aid of a belt. Those double buttons look darn smart!