Road Trip

Floral denim blouse - c/o Dressabelle

Don't be fooled by the title... No, I didn't really go on a road trip. *disappointed* But I'd love to one day. There is something so comforting about staring out of a moving vehicle, in an air-conditioned space but still feeling the sun rays on the skin, watching the world go by. Bumpy roads are strangely therapeutic to me especially when I need a nap. I remember watching the movie Little Miss Sunshine and wished I was part of the eccentric family who went on a road trip. It's well unlikely to go on a road trip in Singapore, but a girl can dream right?

The merciless heat calls for comfortable materials like cotton, silk and light denim. Anything made of these has been on heavy rotation lately. The boxy cut of this blouse makes it casual and comfortable. If you like a chunky top more fitted, you can knot it at the back, like what I did here!

Leather bucket sling - Mom's vintage

Break apart heavy chunks of dark shades with contrasting bright colours. In this case, neon yellow gives a contemporary vibe to worn denim. Wild flowers along the sidewalk can be great hair accessories. Braid/ clip it to your hair, because why not?

Earrings - Bugis Street, $2

Never underestimate fun. It's always the little details that make an outfit, you. Besides, a touch of playfulness goes a long way!

Denim dress (worn underneath as skirt) - Mango

MAC matte lipstick in Chili
Oxfords - Esprit | Socks - Daiso

If you're someone who isn't too concerned about sitting on gravel floor to have your lunch, denim midi skirts are great alternative to shorts because they're girly and modest. While I love the convenience of zippers, nothing can replace the retro vibe of buttons. I finished my look with neon polkadot socks to match the flower patterns and my earrings.

Photos by Yun Jing