1920's Flapper

Baroque Knit Dress - c/o Dressabelle

Following up with the last blog post which I dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, the mini Halloween series can only get more exciting. Presenting to you, my interpretation of the flapper girl in the roaring twenties. I also associate the twenties with silent films, luxury and opulence. With the screening of The Great Gatsby this year, it's almost impossible to ignore this contagious style that is so nostalgic, yet surprisingly relevant to wear even a century later.

Feather head band - Helen | M.A.C matte lipstick in Chili

I have to admit that dressing up as a flapper was incredibly fun. Especially for the makeup! If you're clueless about flapper girl makeup, this makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan will save you precious time. In short, a rounded smokey eye, thinly drawn eyebrows and an unrealistic cupids bow will do the job. Flapper girls always had some sort of fancy headpiece; whether it's an embellished crown, cloche hat or feather clip, they'll all work perfectly. 

Fringe skirt (layered underneath) - Forever 21

I was very much inspired by The Great Gatsby to create this look, and those who guessed it right on my Instagram, yes it's specifically Jordan Baker. Since I have a similar hairstyle, it tied my look together with greater resemblance. Flapper girls always had a straight, boyish silhouette. Dresses varied from midi straight to low backs but they usually had lightweight hemlines to emphasize their groove on the dance floor. My dress was made in 2013 and obviously wasn't long enough for the flapper look. But a fringe skirt layered underneath solved everything. I bet you thought it was part of the dress if I have not told you!

Vintage Cadali Taylor watch - c/o Late Rabbit

Vintage Vince Camuto heels - thrifted from Salvation Army

I may be the worst dancer on this planet but a tasteful pair of T-bar dance shoes would save me from looking like an oddball if I really were a flapper girl. The classy appeal of T-straps is irreplaceable by any other. I really am obsessed with this semi-lucite silver one that I've thrifted awhile back. Isn't its ultra thin ankle straps the most delicate thing? Lastly, a flapper girl cannot be without her pearls. If you have always had an obsession with pearls, now is your time to pile them on. More the better!

Fun fact: Did you know flapper girls used to drape long chains of pearls down their boxy shaped dresses to visually lengthen their torso in order to look more streamlined?

Clam clutch - Lulu Guiness | Clam ring - Beadstreet

Halloween is a fun festival for everyone, even if you're like me who refuses to spend a penny on costumes. From my last two posts, you can clearly see that you don't necessarily need costumes to join the fun. I literally grab stuff I already own, because why not? Stay safe, take loads of selfies and go crazy. Happy Halloween!

Photos by Yun Jing