21 Baker Street

Oversized cocoon coat - H&M

How is everyone coping with the sudden downpour in Singapore? I'm obviously not feeling too well with a headache, but the good thing is getting the chance to pile on ridiculous layers. Halloween is just around the corner and I'm all about getting into character; in a fashionable way of course! If you're shy like me who doesn't wish to go all costumey, select pieces you already have and putting them together can suggest a good Halloween appropriate outfit too. Can you guess what's mine? (Hint: I'm missing a magnifying glass.)

MAC matte lipstick in Nude, Riri Hearts MAC Collection

I'm Sherlock Holmes the detective! I know, a newspaper is not enough to tell you I'm a detective. Bad props on my part. I've always been fascinated with the classic detective/ spy attire because I'm always wondering what's hiding under their oversized coats.

Collar shirt - G2000 | Cropped 3/4 pants - Uniqlo

Knit pullover - c/o Dressabelle

A classic spy is never complete without layering a collar shirt under a vest of some sort. Keeping the look classy and muted, I picked a v-neck sweater with retro patterns to pair with a shirt of the same colour family. If you're going all out or just loving the Teddy Boy look, add on a skinny tie!

Cap - Fourskin

Western tip flats - ASOS | Frill socks - Topshop

It would be rather unsightly if I spoilt the outfit with a pair of heels, so here goes a rather androgynous looking pair of leather flats. I think shoes are super important to tie the whole look together. Brogues will work nicely for a Sherlock Holmes outfit too!

Ending off with a silly Charlie Chaplin jump for no particular reason. Happy weekends!

Photos by Yun Jing