I have always wanted to shoot my outfits in a raw, industrial environment and today my dream came true. One disadvantage being a fashion blogger in a city is being deprived of untouched and abandoned environment. More often than not, gardens were man made, empty spaces forcefully plastered with advertisements. I think the clean concrete walls and dusty floors for today's shoot is a breather from most of my other photos.

Knit top - c/o Dressabelle | Maxi dress (layered underneath) - Lipsyditsy

Today I'm going back to one of my old classic styles – the juxtaposition of tough and delicate. I've mentioned a million times about how leather and chiffon is my favourite combination in styling. I love the romantic rose graphics on the sweater which really stands out against the dark background. I also love 3/4 length sleeves because they never get in the way of things (such as washing dishes). Of course, there are endless ways to wear a sweater, and one great way is pairing it with loose maxi skirts. My salmon pink complements my skin tone really well and prevented me from looking too 'weighed' down by black pieces.

Twigs & full bud necklace - c/o O'ORO | Beetle oil slick ring - $2,  H&M

Dressing up is really about wearing what you feel good about and I am all about offending your vision with unexpected jewelry. Gotta admit, I love it when people tells me, "I don't understand why you're wearing this". Well that's exactly the point. It's totally okay to wear costume jewelry on any plain outfit, as long as you look polished overall.

Mini backpack - c/o O'ORO

As some of you might know, I have scoliosis which gives me a lot of backaches. More and more I find myself carrying backpacks simply because it distributes weight evenly on my shoulders. I carry a huge one for school, and this mini one I'm carrying is a lifesaver on days when I'm carrying loads but don't want my outfit to look mismatched. We all have a problem with cute canvas backpacks that looks to casual for a night out, right? My backpack cannot get more stylish with these reptile imprints on the front flap and classic gold hardware. Oh and did I mention, it's convertible to a cute sling bag too! Genius. Not that I will but definitely a treat to the fickle minded.

Pascal boots - Dr Martens

That's it for today! And if you have enjoyed my recent posts' photography and have always wondered who's behind the lens, here she is! 

Photos by Yunjing