Cat Talk

Side slit pencil skirt - c/o Dressabelle

Meewww miiooouuu meee meooooooww (happy new year 2014)

A feline friend decided to make a special appearance today and even shared with me its secret to happiness – laptops and chin rubs!

And here you have it, the very first post for year 2014! I truly hope you all have had a wonderful one. I know new year count downs are commercially defined as parties, champagnes and lots of dancing (maybe a kiss if you're lucky) but I had a perfectly cozy one at home. "You know that you're old when you get tired from just watching the fireworks on TV", said Mr Brown recently. Pathetically, I guess my age is quickly catching up with the fatigue that comes along. Alright, I'm not going to bore you with a massive list of new year resolutions now. I mean, who keeps them anyway? Having said that, I do have an advice to share with you!

Oversized exposed seams sweater - ZARA

Try to buy good quality staples this new year. It's difficult to focus when there are so many choices available but investing in good basics can never do wrong. Start building a good wardrobe with pieces that you know fits and would accompany you to more three different occasions. As for me, I have been looking for a black pencil skirt for the longest time. They look fantastic with crop tops, collar shirts, spaghetti straps...the list goes on. The high waisted ones are especially flattering because they provide control over the tummy and visually lengthens the thigh. Knowing me, I love unexpected details and slits are perfect.

Brown oxford boots - Taobao

Another advice is to only buy comfortable shoes. I know sometimes it's impossible to put down a 5-inches killer stiletto but face it, that's not going to last you more than half a day. Ever since uni started for me last year, I find myself wearing that same few boots I own. They are like faithful little soldiers to my feet. Be good to yourself in the year of 2014! We all deserve better than we think! <3

Photos by Yun Jing & I