High Shine

I'm not sure what I was thinking, back in my younger days when I bought way too many t-shirts with dramatic prints. Sure they looked cute, but eventually I found myself fretting over the lack of plain tops to match my equally dramatic bottoms e.g. in-your-face houndstooth. If you are someone like me who'd be the last person to be considered a minimalist, you'd know how plain white tees always seem to magically save you from a possible wardrobe malfunction. (Yes, till this day I'm still stuck when figuring out what to wear with my crazy Blackmilk leggings.)

Basic V-neck tee - c/o Dressabelle

High shine vinyl skirt - Topshop (similar from ASOS 12)

You could say that I've finally begun to make wiser, mature choices by stocking up on good ol' basics. I'm building an army of effective plain white tees at the moment. No matter their cut and style, I find plain white tees extremely versatile even with the most risky fashion choices. 

The DORA Satchel (in the style of Givenchy Pandora) - c/o Yventually

There are many ways to wear leather and the rebel in me seizes any chance to wear them altogether. The beauty of leather pieces is how subdued they appear, yet each of their unique textures stand out against each other. I have to be honest with you; this vinyl pencil skirt makes the most awkward, squeaky noises ever. -_- Not a fun choice to wear out on public transport or libraries, but nonetheless it looks beautiful, almost like wet paint! The bottom half of my ensemble is pretty stark, so I balanced it out with a loose-fitting tee. I love the casual vibe of oversized sleeves, and how its shallow v-neck visually elongates my neck.

Jeffrey Campbell 'Clinic' inspired wedges - Taobao

Gold chain necklace - Forever 21 (similar ASOS) | Gold watch - Casio

For me, a good bag has to be roomy, accessible (to reach for loose items) and hardware. And this Givenchy inspired sling has all of that. I am extremely picky with bags and shoes. The few designer bags I love include Givenchy's 'pandora' and Celine's 'luggage', so glad I got my hands on a pretty close alternative! Thank you, Yventually! I'm pretty much obsessed with its grained leather, its slouchy, box-like silhouette and how it holds all my stuff. 

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 'Shameless'

If you too love the Givenchy 'Pandora', I highly recommend checking out Yventually for her tasteful selection of both self-manufactured and imported hang bags and accessories. Besides many medium sized bags I found super practical, there's also tiny clutches that are soooo cute. Mini bags are my guilty pleasure. You can see all of those on their websiteFacebook or Instagram!

Photos by Corrine