Pool Blue

Organza overly blouse - c/o Dressabelle

Spot what's different about Uli today? One, I have cut my hair yet again and two, I'm in pastel! It's ridiculous how people react towards every new hairstyle I try. Ultra short bangs aren't the easiest to pull off; you'd either look good or dumb, there is no in between. It may sound absurd that in fact my hair is not that important to me, which explains the reason why I switch it up so often. Yet some people seem more affected by my short bangs than it actually bugs me. Why? Does an inch snipped off my head hurt you too?

Silver heels - Francesca's (similar here)

Scuba mini pleat skirt - c/o Dressabelle (similar here)

Let's just say I'm really a all-black-everything kind of girl whose favourite colours are leather, patent and camouflage. But this spring, I can't help but to be infected with pastel blues. As I've always said, a change of hairstyle really changes my overall attitude towards dressing up. This particular shade of cool icing blue has been sprouting up everywhere such as runways and look books so just what is so sweetly alluring about this shade? Personally, I think it's so refreshing, calming yet energetic at the same time. I am obsessed with pastel neoprene garments and pairing the cool tone ensemble with baby pink blusher and lips. Sweet as a macaron! 

Gold watch - Casio

For the cat lover in me, it's always a bonus when a feline friend greets me in the middle of the street. I just stopped whatever I was doing and gave the cat its well loved neck rubs. I have always envied people who are able to care and protect his pet. No amount of material things can compare to affection from a living creature. Stray cats sure know how to remind me that you can feel joy simply through giving generous neck rubs. :b

Photos by Corrine