Light Me Up When I'm Down

Ribbed crop top - ZARA (similar by ASOS)

My mood changes swiftly. Two weeks back I was all about tough girl gangster vibes, and this week I just want to look like an office lady from Shenton Way even though I'm really just a student who's busy with her assignments. I think the desire to dress corporately has to do with being in an art school; where dress codes barely exist. I truly enjoy the freedom of experimentation without judgement, but I sure miss my business school days when blazers and court shoes weren't an uncommon sight. I miss being told to adhere to a strict dress code. Oh the irony, how is the grass always greener on the other side?

Lucite heel pointed pumps - Charles & Keith

It may sound real silly to some; as a teenager I used to want to dress like office ladies because they always seemed to have the luxury of wearing high heels and big coats, which I didn't have as a regular secondary school kid in uniform that was stuffy and uncomfortable. Till today, I still love office wear just because looking powerful never hurts. 

Chunky chain necklace - Cheap Monday (similar by ASOS)

Floral trumpet skirt - c/o Dressabelle (similar by ASOS)

Leather sleeve blazer - Kate Love (similar by ASOS)

On a random note, I'm finally on Carousell! So many friends have asked me how I get rid of clothes and the truth is I don't...well not till now. A hoarder can change for the better. I will be listing clothes that I own, have worn or great pieces that simply deserve a better home. Find me at @ulimali if you'd like!

Photos by Jeanette