50's Sweetheart

Floral romper (worn as top) - c/o Dressabelle

Since many of you have expressed your love for this organza midi skirt I'm wearing, I have decided to sell them in selected colours on my Carousell page! They are available in very limited amounts and handpicked colours. I try my best to keep everybody happy and will communicate through Twitter & Instagram for all updates, so keep a close eye! In the mean time, you may also follow me on Carousell @ulimali so see other awesome listings. Thank you all so much for the support! I'm more than happy to share with you what I love.

Updates for Organza Full Midi Skirt: Ruby red - Instock, Emerald green - Backorder

Nude leather pointed pumps - ZARA basics

Emerald organza midi skirt - ULIMALI Shop

Clam shell clutch - Lulu Guinness

Acrylic jewel tie necklace - c/o Dressabelle (upcoming collection)

Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry

It's always interesting to relook at fashion from a certain era in history. As I have learnt in fashion school, how people dress is almost always a reaction towards an event. For instance, big shoulder pads in the 1980's symbolised power as more women entered the workforce then. Personally, I really love how glamorous women were in the 1950's, an era of the tiniest waists (since the Victorian era) and red lipsticks. To make this vintage look seem more convincing, I even curled my bangs!

Dressing like a fifties girl isn't complicated, in fact it's one of those styles that is flattering on anybody. Colours do matter, afterall being the first element that most people notice in an ensemble. Think of colour combinations you wouldn't normally wear such as red & green, yellow & pink etc. To avoid looking overly tacky, simply wear the accent colour in small amounts. The fifties is about having a perfect hour glass silhouette that is so feminine in every day. So as a rule of thumb, anything that gives structure but still tapers in at the waist would be on-the-spot. It's no wonder this dainty yet ravishing style is so well loved by women till today. 

Photos by Becca