Ain't It Fun?

Button Skater Dress - c/o Dressabelle (similar by ASOS)

White chunky platforms - Francesca's (similar by ASOS: 1, 2)

Aeroplane earrings - $2, Bugis Street

Revlon's matte balm in Audacious

Bowler hat - borrowed (similar by River Island: 1, 2)

Grey socks - Qoo10 (similar by ASOS)

I'm back from my summer vacation! Those of you who follow me on Instagram would know that I had such a blast in Bali. Just look at my golden tan and that's self-explanatory. I was expecting SVWS a.k.a. Severe Vacation Withdrawal Syndrome like how everybody told me I would. To be honest, I'm actually pretty calm; I don't exactly want to go back to Bali immediately, neither am I excited to be back home. I am just happy to have a well deserved break which explains my exceptionally hyperactive photos today.

I have never done an outfit post with wacky graphics like this. Can we all take a moment to applaud my friend Jing's delightful illustrations? Some neon specks here and there goes a lonnggg way and I love the end result! Which brings me to how I have been living in a cave and never knew how much a pleasure it was to browse Japanese fashion magazines. I have been featured in Nylon Japan magazine twice in a row (will blog about it soon!) and that itself got me addicted...if only I understood Japanese, that would make so much more sense. Even though I don't understand its language, I almost always understood the message each spread tried to bring across, suggesting how the Japanese are geniuses at communication through the visual image. That is something I've too learnt from my past year in Lasalle, and I strive to express it in all my content. 

So back to why Jing and I ended up with this fun shoot. Actually, our shoots are always random and impromptu, but I always appreciate the energy we both have and the drive to make each shoot a great one. I was partly inspired by clean, quirky and playful aesthetics constantly present in Nylon Japan. We chanced upon teal wall and bam, it took off from there. Pink has never been an option for me, but I thought since I already looked different with a tan, why not try something crazy? I did, and the result is actually sweet! I just feel like everything in this ensemble works – the awkward contrast of baby pink against my tan, tacky white shoes (in a good way), fun earrings, and the pop of teal. And of course, all those fun ridiculous moves came from singing to Paramore's Ain't It Fun in my head.

Just give it time, if it don't hurt now then just wait, just wait a while
You're not the big fish in the pond no more, you are what they're feeding on.

Photos & illustrations by Yun Jing