Nylon Japan Feature: May

So I said I will blog about my Nylon Japan features so here's the first! This is for their May issue themed World Book 2014. Basically the entire issue focused on featuring street style from all over the world, from everyday people to models and celebrities. I was happy to be sorta representing Singapore, and this is the first time I have ever appeared in an internationally renowned physical magazine. It's also coincidental how I'm just next to the Shanghai page; I spent a couple of my childhood years there!

I cannot read Japanese but my helpful friends translated the description for me. It says: 

"Yuri (20). Blogger. Singapore's Cheap Monday one piece maxi with camo jacket and Dr. Martens boots worn on the streets."
"The simple Cheap Monday maxi, camouflage jacket and doc marten boots give this a sense of street style"

Photo by Lenne.