Organza full midi skirt - ULIMALI Shop (also in black petite ver.)

Lucite block clutch - ZARA | Circle sunglasses - Shanghai (similar by ASOS)

Pointed leather flats - ASOS (similar) | Ribbed knit crop sweater - ZARA (similar by ASOS)

School has been officially out for me for about a month now. Whenever there's a school holiday of some sort, the most commonly asked question would be, "are you doing anything"? By default, my answer would always go, "oh yeah, I'm continuing with my weekly job (at DSB) and see how it goes". In my mind, I wonder if I'm obliged to hunt for a full-time job and make some use out of myself. I hate to say that people are so quick to judge, giving me a doubtful, questioning glance whenever I respond with my default answer. A full-time job isn't a bad thing. I think it's a good opportunity to save up, learn the hell out of it and I've heard so many friends telling me about how fulfilling being busy made them feel. But what if I don't want that? What if I have made up my mind to read more, watch all the movies I never got to during school semester, make time for people who matter, travel and choose the freelance jobs I truly care about? I'm turning 21 and before I know it, I step into the real world and become a corporate slave. As much as I tell myself that I have worked hard enough in school, got deserving grades and it's finally my time to rest, I cannot help but to feel guilty whenever the subject of holiday job is raised. This issue has been bugging my for awhile now, and I have until August to 'make some use' of my time. If productivity is defined by a 9-5 job and 4-figured income, I apologise in advance for disappointing some of you. I may change my mind, but till then, I will be enjoying my book.

The Organza Full Midi Skirt is available for purchase at ULIMALI Shop in colours sapphire blue and black (petite ver). Get it before they run out again!

/update: Sapphire ALL SOLD! I'm only left with last few pieces of Black petite version. Petite = skirt is 64cm, 9cm SHORTER than the original. Some of you have reflected to me that the longer length may be unflattering. Well, the petite length will be great for you! It's just as elegant, volumous and bold.

Photos by Faith Png