Out Of Town

It's not everyday that I get to spend quality time with my mother. My mother is a stay home housewife who occasionally cooks delicious food and goes to church on Sundays. I decided to take her sight seeing and brunch at out-of-town locations, away from the crowd and noise. First in line was Riders Cafe. Known for its hidden location and view of horses, its cuisine however, wasn't ideal for my mother with stubborn Asian preferences. She couldn't understand ninety percent of the items on menu but it's fine because she seemed delighted at the absence of skyscrapers in sight. I was also disappointed with how much the cafe's house truffle fries had deteriorated; I could barely taste any truffle at all! Bleh. Since we were at a photogenic sight, I took some pictures before heading to the next location. She instinctively posed with her open umbrella, she simply couldn't hide that Shanghainese flair despite the years of residing in Singapore, haha!

I've written about Riders Cafe before, read it here (2013) and here (2011).

In an ideal world I would like to live on this bed forever.

Umm, do I sound normal to say that Pasarbella has the most beautiful restroom?

Since my mother and I were already at the Bukit Timah area, we went ahead and explored The Grandstand a.k.a the former Turf Club. A taxi driver shared with me that it used to be a popular hangout spot for Singaporeans, years before I was born. It had been converted to a weekend family getaway, with F&B being its dominant attraction. I was particularly liking the interior of Pasarbella, which is somewhat like a simulated environment for organic food enthusiasts/ hippies. As you can tell from the photos, it has that country life rustic interior, with some unexpected DIY elements, making it the perfect example of an organised mess. I really recommend paying this place a visit if you're looking for a slow paced weekend with milder crowd. It's nice to get away from the bustling city once in a while.

Overalls - Love Bonito | Faux fur bag - c/o O'ORO | Oxford boots - Taobao

Just wanted to talk about my outfit before I go. I recently followed my best friends to the Love Bonito sale and got this playsuit/ overalls for $18.  It's very forgiving on the body and isn't too masculine. My favourite feature has got to be the low, cross back detail which has a nineties vibe. If the weather was cooler I'd gladly throw on a crochet cardigan.