Flare jeans - ASOS (similar here)

Trapeze pearl earrings - c/o O'ORO

Gold plated Casio Watch

Layered keyhole blouse - c/o Dressabelle (also in black)

Sandal platforms - borrowed (similar by ASOS: 1, 2, 3)

The weather has been all sorts of mad lately, resulting in me giving up the thought of coats and cardigans. On a regular day out, I've been sticking to forgiving pieces that won't make me look like a ball of sweat. So hence, loose formed and airy things are what I love at the moment. As I'm naturally boy shaped, I find that baby doll-esque tops with undefined waistlines work really well on me, giving me extra airy volume.  The overall look is relaxed and romantic. To keep the bell silhouette consistent, I decided to go with some mid-rise flare jeans which injected a retro sixties flair. Even though the outfit is very simple, I think the exaggerated shapes and organic lines keeps it interesting for those who'd notice. I wasn't going all out for a full sixties look. So to avoid looking like a sixties flower girls, my geometric pearl earrings kept the look contemporary.

Photos by Yun Jing