Great Gatsby Headpiece - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Trapeze pearl Earrings - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Lace dress - ZARA
Heels - ZARA
Lips - Rimmel Kate Matte lipstick in .107

Happy Valentines' day!

I have been itching to shoot another 1920's inspired look since last Halloween. My hair was real short then, and those impromptu "dance" moves really got me into character. I personally really love flapper girl styles but if the drama isn't for you, here is a subdued alternative.

The headpiece is an iconic accessory for any flapper look, and this one looks straight out from The Great Gatsby movie. Seriously, it's pretty damn close if you Google it! A dramatic adornment is  the perfect answer to my low maintenance hair. It is excessively embellished in diamonds and pearls and laced at the back with pale yellow ribbon.

Flapper silhouettes are generally modest and forgiving. I didn't have anything that concealed the waist line so an elegant high collar dress was my best bet. The all-over lace added so much texture so little else was needed. 

However you are going to spend the romantic weekend, I hope this look might urge you to try something fun and new. With Singapore's dress culture which very much prioritises functionality and convenience, it's really nice to pick glamour once in awhile (when you have the time to spare of course).

Photography by Yun Jing