Jinguli x CMYKube


First things first, Yun Jing and I officially has our very own Jinguli Facebook page! If you have been following my blog for some time, you would know Jing shoots most of my photos and she does a fantastic job. I don't even like to bring up the word 'job' because truth is, we shoot because we love to. Back in the days when we first met at Dressabelle, we explored and shot in the ghetto streets of Paya Lebar. No matter how warm the weather, how rundown and dirty the alleys, those never stopped us from having fun. It just feels like an incredible milestone that we finally have a space to document our works collectively (and professionally). So please, the best way you can support us is by liking the page. Because that will get us attention, work opportunities and eventually bring income to feed us starving artists. #truth

In our latest collaboration with CMYKube, Jing and I created a series of futuristic, sporty, cool toned images to reflect this stunning hand-assembled machine. CMYKube is an instant Instagram printing service specializing in parties and events. Built within this cube is a spanking 11.6-inch touchscreen and printer that prints your photos with just a hashtag! Now that's is a definite party must have! 

Photography, editing by Yun Jing
Modelling, styling, makeup by Me