The Courtyard

Pray for me cause I have lost my faith in holy wars
Is paradise denied to me cause I can take no more
Has darkness taken over me, consumed my mortal soul
All my virtues sacrificed, can Heaven be so cruel?
I'm hoping I'm praying I won't get lost between two worlds
For all I have seen, the truth lies in between
Give me strength to face the wrong that I have done
Now that I know the darkest side of me

Anchored in the heart of the city is Raffles Hotel which first opened its doors in 1887. For a young nation that had just celebrated its 50th-anniversary post-independence, it's quite remarkable acknowledging a building this ancient manages to withstand the tests of time. It's unsurprising why the hotel is an iconic landmark of Singapore, attracting notable personalities from all over the world; including Michael Jackson, Naomi Campbell and quite recently, the stylish royal Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Nevertheless, Raffles Hotel is loved dearly even by the locals for its elaborate yet quaint premises, its tropical garden that is a perfect backdrop for the colonial style architecture. And of course, I couldn't resist a photo or two every time I visit. Strolling down the white marble hallways and admiring the lushness of the grand lobby felt like watching a scene straight out of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). The best way to describe the Raffles experience – an epic time travelling journey back to 1915.

Wearing a vintage dress from London and Taobao leather oxford boots.

Photos by Alicia Loh.