Florence + Her Whimsical Home

“I don’t think I’m quite comfortable in minimalist spaces,” says multi-platinum selling artist Florence Welch of her whimsically cluttered London pad, captured in this episode of NOWNESS’s collaboration with Apartamento magazine. “Having lots of stuff and having lots of chaos around you is like a way to hide,” reflects Welch. “These little piles of books just grow everywhere like stalagmites and stalactites. I definitely need to be with my own thoughts and listen to music and read and write. It’s kind of how I make sense of the world.” (Source: NOWNESS)
My God! Flo's Georgian garden home is what dreams are made of... I have been a fan of her music for the past half a decade, with Cosmic Love being the defining song that got me dead hooked. Her signature sound, similar to her space, is an organized chaos stringed together in dramatic arrangement. There are also anthem and hymn-like qualities throughout early albums Lungs and Ceremonials. Her anti-minimalist, vintage yet delicate style is something I can resonate with. I'm experiencing a serious home-envy moment right night. Flo's dressing room truly exceeds every expectation of my #housegoalz list. Anyway, I have also created this short playlist that holds my personal favourites from FTM. Alternatively, here's a collection of BBC Live Lounge sessions. Enjoy.