Shanghai Day 2: Road Accident

A heated argument almost broke into a full fight when our car ran over a man's foot while reversing at a road junction. Let me just refer to that village man as 'Bob'. Bob claimed that his right foot was injured from being run over under our wheel because he was looking at his phone when we reversed the car. 

The moment after the run over occurred, Bob started knocking violently on our car window and demanded uncle (driver) to get out. To be honest, that scared the crap out of me because I didn't know how to react. According to mom who was looking out from the back seat when the accident occurred,  Bob was walking in opposing direction away from the car, which meant nothing would have happened if he were to continue walking away. But somehow Bob made a sudden turn towards our car which caused his foot to get under our wheel.

All I could make out of the situation from inside the car was a very agitated 'victim' demanding for compensation. By then, the local police have already arrived to intervene the argument, and suggested to drive Bob to the nearest hospital for an X-Ray to see if his foot was indeed injured.

Long story short: Bob made it look like an accident on purpose! It's a crime gimmick altogether.

The X-Ray proved that there was only minor abrasion which could not possibly be it if it was a real run over. I didn't even feel like the car ran over something. No bumpy feeling whatsoever, It's funny because when asked, Bob could not produce his ID. He was also very reluctant to go the the hospital. We suspect that he was already injured prior to the accident.

If a victim is seriously injured, he would probably ask for immediate medical attention, right? If it was a real injury, wouldn't Bob be more concerned over if his toes were broken, rather than having the energy to argue? But Bob didn't. In fact, he was unable to answer us properly when we asked what exactly was it that we wanted.

In the end, we still had to compensate a small sum because uncle might have been negligent when reversing. A lesson for all drivers to be extra careful when reversing a car. Especially in China! People do all sorts of things for money. I am just thankful that nothing serious happened! Think I witnessed the darker side of China today..what an eye opener.


Ending off on a positive note, here's a picture of me, grandpa and mom taken at a garden which was built to tell the story of a classic tale, 红楼梦 a.k.a. Dream of The Red Chamber! It's almost like Chinese Garden but ten times bigger and more scenic.

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