Festival Ready

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Pascal boots - Dr Martens

What do you think of whole #coachella wave we've been seeing so much on Instagram lately? I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea who plays during the festival, but I am really inspired by the fashion! They say summer is the best time of the year because you can wear little clothing and enjoy the sun. I guess we take it for granted because Singapore is hot all year round. But now that I am writing this post in Shanghai where it's spring, I honestly miss 'summer' because bath time is a pain. I hate sitting on the cold toilet bowl, walking on cold tiles and freezing when the heater goes haywire. Then again, spring has its perks; I never have to break a sweat!

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Gold Mesh Tank - c/o Dressabelle | Medusa Hem bracelet - c/o O'ORO
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Dream catcher earrings - Beadstreet

This is exactly what I would wear to an outdoor music festival. Who wears heels to festivals? I'm not judgmental towards them but I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be. What if it starts raining and the ground goes muddy and then your heels slowly sink in? Yikes. Personally, I think boots are the way to go because they protect your feet from moisture and keeps you comfortable. Layering is another great thing to do during festivals. Light layers, of course. I layered a gold mesh tank over my tube dress. The light layers of chiffon flow gently when the wind blows, very pretty! The mesh tank also makes a great bikini cover-up. 

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Dress - Lipsyditsy

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Photos by JJ
Summer is a time for friends, a golden tan and popsicles. For those of you who go to music festivals, comfort always comes first but it doesn't hurt to enjoy the fashion. Dance, run and move freely, don't forget to have fun, because summer is really the time to live the life!