Review: Essentials by Rosie Jane

I received a package last week in courtesy of by Rosie Jane, a Californian beauty and lifestyle brand which prides itself for organic and cruelty-free products. The products sent to me for review were:

The first thing which caught my attention was the scent. You know it's something good when the entire box literally smells like fresh roses and essential oils. The handcrafted line has a distinctively soft scent that is unlike any mass-market perfume. And I must say, after a week of consistent use, I am in love. BRJ is one of those brands that allow you to immerse in a great product stripped of unnecessary adornment and marketing. Rosie's containers are fully recyclable, packaged minimally with brown paper and wax thread.

JAMES is a unisex scent for those who prefer warm and woody scents reminiscent of fall. I love JAMES because it's practical and makes me very happy. LEILA LOU, namely Rosie's signature blend, has a girlier persona with breezy notes of Jasmine and pear. Each product line evokes the mood of a different season. They come in forms of a soy wax candle, spray bottle and rollerball. The naturally scented candle burns beautifully and fills up the room within minutes. A real treat for my bedroom because I use it every night to wind down. The POPPY cheek & lip gloss is a multi-purpose balm that gives me super moisturised lips with a hint of berry. While you shouldn't expect too much in terms of pigmentation, what makes POPPY special to me is its smooth waxy texture and coconut aroma. It makes an excellent lipstick base and can be used to highlight if you like a glossy sheen.

For every brand I talk about here, I genuinely wish that it'll benefit some of you too. There are a couple of beauty brands I root for, such as LUSH  and Etude House skincare which I probably don't speak enough of. Earlier this year when I culled my room (you can read from this post), I made a mental note to myself to make better and responsible choices this year, such as buying less in general and choosing sustainable products. Seeing the amount of thought Rosie puts in her brand really encourages me to keep going at this positive lifestyle transition. Life is about creating meanings, isn't it? Rosie's small but purposeful product range was worth featuring and I definitely see myself stocking up in the near future.

You could shop by Rosie Jane at www.byrosiejane.com or from the window below.