Never let the darkness leave us
If you can't I'll be the dreamer

Be the night and I will be your shining light
I'm your silver line, only you will find

Two weeks back, I was invited to see the Z Wedding Couture Runway Show 2016. The invite reached me right smack before one of my major school submissions, but I'm glad it did anyway because fashion shows always put me in a good mood. It was an exhaustive journey but nevertheless fun experience — from finding our way to the very isolated W Hotel Sentosa (I mean, there's a good reason why it's Madonna's choice of temporary tour residence in Singapore), anticipating for the show to start to seeing the beautiful dresses. The dresses for Spring were definitely based off classic, hourglass and princess silhouettes, but that's not to say the designers spared any effort off their signature bare-back look. The models' makeup glowed against their white frocks. Dresses with lace or flower appliqué were my favourites. Unfortunately, the lighting situation at The Grand Room wasn't ideal, so I decided to desaturate everything and consolidate the pictures I snapped into my lazy-style collages. Hope you enjoyed the images anyway!