Yes I'm changing, yes I'm gone
Yes I'm older, yes I'm moving on
And if you don't think it's a crime you can come along, with me
Life is moving, can't you see

They say people never change, but that's bullshit, they do
Yes I'm changing, can't stop it now
And even if I wanted I wouldn't know how
Another version of myself I think I found, at last

There's a world out there and it's calling my name
And it's calling yours, girl it's calling yours too

How many times have you heard Singaporeans say, "if only Singapore wasn't so hot, it'll be perfect"? If perfect existed, I think the Flower Dome at Gardens by The Bay comes close. The odd-shaped glass dome, which might be mistaken as a really sophisticated green house, offers the comfort of the A.C. so you could be 'outdoorsy' (how ironic) without actually getting a heatstroke. 

Nigel and I recently went to see the temporary Sakura displays at the Flower Dome. It was quite an experince for me as it was the very first time I saw cherry blossoms in real life. It's fascinating how the 'Sakura' is just so overused – mainly in marketing – I mean, I've prolly tried 'Sakura' flavoured snacks prior to seeing the actual plant. 

When I finally saw them, wow, I get it. I see why it's a big deal. Besides the species being a rarity and exclusive seasonally, I saw hope, life, and beauty. I was mesmerized. I'm not saying Sakura is the most beautiful flower, but it's been a long time since I last admired a flower in detail. I am so caught up with technology and work everyday that the most natural things in life has become foreign. Diversity, faith, beauty  balance and perfection — all these a natural occurence of life, yet, these are the things we human beings try to hard to pursue. Or have we become blind to God's creations?

I'm wearing Sweet Drug top, Pull & Bear denim jeggings and YSL lip tint in no. 2.