Riders Cafe

My dear boy Nigel brought me out for a date on Sunday. He was so sweet to surprise me at my doorstep and take me out to places though he was unwell. He also refused to tell me where we were heading and just told me to follow him. :')

Finally got to see Riders Cafe! Heart that it's super inaccessible - deeply hidden in the woods of Bukit Timah. Had to hail a cab in and out, so ideally a car would be best. But it's so worth it when we finally reached our destination

Like the name suggests, the place is somewhat like a chill out dining place for riders. You can eat and watch horses walking around their pen, so peaceful to watch!  Dining sheltered without air conditioner.

A white horse, reminds me of Taylor Swift.

Sick boy :(

We chose a table along the edge of the elevated cafe block so we could enjoy the view as we dine! It's breathtaking. We were surrounded by greenery and horse tracks. I'd say the food is average and slightly expensive to me - Nigel and I only tried the calamari and soft shell crab starters, $13 for each.

Outfit of the day!

I looked stiff cause I was afraid to fall on the bumpy grass patch :( Bad idea to wear wedges and walk uphill.

Silk slip - mom's, snake print pants - m(phosis)
Accessories: Bag - Shanghai, metal cuff - m(phosis), rosary necklace - Six
Wedges - Charles&Keith

My makeup was typically me. Went with long-wear foundation, neutral eyes, slight bronzing and pink lips.

Shades - a shop in Far East Plaza

This German little girl owns the horse on the left!

The sun rays are real! Not edited at all!

By now you would have gotten what I mean by the breathtaking scenery. It didn't feel like Singapore at all. We're so used to crowd, urgency and high rise buildings but nature has its way of presenting itself at its best.

The pictures below look like a fairytale setting to me!


Some self-timer shots when we were waiting for our bus...

Nigel also took me to do my nails and Sentosa Spooktecular to celebrate Halloween! I was overjoyed, Halloween is one of my favourite festivals in the year. We love watching horror movies and going for haunted trials, so haunted house are perfect for us!

Happy Halloween!