Anyone else here who loves reptile skin (faux of course)?

Don't really know when and how my obsession with anything leather started out. From wallets to shoes and clothes...I love the muted shine of leather, especially textured ones (ostrich, reptile, python).

Valentino T-bar lizard pumps (source)
Studded reptile pumps - Charles&Keith

Scored this expensive looking pair of pumps at less than $30 from my favourite local shoe store. How could I let this go? It looks almost similar to Valentino's. Can't believe pointy pumps could go so well with metal studs. It has a metallic thin heel. The patches of 'rust' are part of the design in case you're wondering.

Blouse - Oh So Fickle, leather circle skirt - Forever 21, belt - Uniqlo

And let me tell you about this bag I've been carrying with me WAYYY too much. I call it the crocodile bag! It's a messenger bag that's about the area of an iPad. Again, I think it looks really expensive, bought it from Perllini at $45. I used to be really skeptical about Perllini for it's auntie image... Trust me, it's time to change your mind because their newer lines of bags are pretty well designed! It's a local brand and their quality has yet to disappoint me. Go see their range of bags if you're free this weekend! You'll be surprised.

Bag - Perllini

Necklace - Diva

Ending this entry with a picture of Wavven! No idea what he was wearing. Looks pleasing to me.