A walk at Queenstown

Today I made a visit to Queenstown with Nigel. That's where my secondary school is located, and where my boyfriend and I met!

I wanted to see if the entire area has really changed - buildings getting demolished. It really did. For a moment I was really upset over the drastic changes to that place, how my favourite hawker centre is gone and mad at myself why I didn't make a trip back earlier.


Converse white high-cut sneakers, nude oxfords from Esprit

I'm wearing Dressabelle's Peter Pan dress in Nude. At first I was resistant to wearing such a girly dress but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone! The dress is much better in reality - it features a pleated front and hidden zippers at the back. It comes along with a complimenting red ribbon, perfect for chinese new year!

Again, Dressabelle has never failed to offer dresses with inner lining, something that I ALWAYS look for in a dress. Especially light-coloured ones. Cheers for conservative dresses!

Dress - Dressabelle, oxfords - Esprit, bag - Perllini

Queensway, Queensway, long may she remain! ~

Did you know:

Ancient Chinese women used to wear pearls a lot because pearls reflect light to the surrounding skin, making them look radiant!

Arm party full of pearls

Something I learnt from experience:

For Asians, we look better with anything off-white - e.g. cream, ivory, nude pinks. Pure bleached white tends to make us look darker and more 'yellow' when worn. So, unless you want to look dark intentionally, avoid pure white pieces. :)

I'm crazy about the Peter Pan collars! They look adorable when worn against a contrasting cardigan, even from the back. I love how the collars make a subtle appearance on top of my cardigan.

Pleated details


So much can change in two years...It's Ngee Ann's poly open house today which made me realize I have only a year left before I graduate again. At times I really do miss secondary school life and the people I used to see. There used to be a block '6 C' just beside my school, a place where gangsters used to fight. I don't even remember when it turned into a flat piece of land.