My Experience With ASOS

Just want to dedicate a this entry to praise ASOS for their acts of service that are truly commendable.

About 3 months ago I made my first ever order from ASOS. During the week of expected delivery, I realized that my address entered in my account was incorrect - it lacked my unit number. I panicked and wrote tons of messages to ASOS hoping for a miracle that my parcel will magically reach my place anyway.

Long story short:

1. ASOS has a flawless communication system
ASOS made a promise somewhere on their website that all emails will be attended to within 4 hours. And they did. I received all replies within 3 hours. Good job!

However, my parcel was nowhere to be found.... BUT,

2. ASOS refunded me in full
Just because I waited patiently and asked if my parcel has returned to their warehouse. (which it didn't by the way). My parcel is supposed to be in the hands of SingPost once it lands in Singapore. So who to blame? SINGPOST. WHY YOU NO RETURN MY PARCEL?!

ASOS's email to me

Even in emails,  I was treated so courteously with full sentences. Why would any online business in the world refund me in full when my parcel is not even proved to be really missing? And by making sure all emails to be replied within 4 hours it means people work around the clock?!

I want everyone to see that THIS is what good service is supposed to be. I am truly impressed by ASOS although it's merely virtual interaction and my parcel failed to reach me anyway. If by any chance any staff from ASOS is reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH. :)

Lessons learnt

1. Check your address again and again before checking out
Yes, very important! Do not use auto-fill for filling in of addresses. Watch out for address blanks that states 'Address line 1' and 'Address line 2' - you're supposed to see your full address without having to scroll right for extra hidden words (if you know what I mean)

2. Good service goes a long way
Here I am, spreading the joy to everyone who is reading my blog!