Children Little Museum

Over the week I enjoyed yet another budget date with boyfriend to the Children Little Museum located at 24 Burossah Street.

Hidden at a quiet corner, this little museum should not be underestimated by its appearance. It's full of surprises inside! Like a surprise box! There are 2 levels - the first mainly selling merchandise and the second is the museum. With just a small fee of $2, you get to see (and play with) tons of nostalgic items and collectibles.

The best part of the museum: photography is totally allowed! So snap away!

I was in shock to see how thoughtful the entire museum was presented. Every corner has a story, never a plain wall. I was welcomed by a white vespa!

I could not believe how detailed the museum was. Can you imagine how long did the owner take to organize and display his collection? Example of one serious hoarder.

I wonder if the bottles really contained coke of just coloured water.

Nigel and I had a great time fooling around! We had freedom to explore because we could touch everything that was displayed out there.

Remembering the days when the school book shop was the coolest spot in school...

The toy cashier was one of my favourite things to play during my primary school days. I wanted to be a cashier!

Marilyn Monroe posters always give a glamourous, flirty vibe to any space.

My outfit of the day:

Shirt - G2000, skirt - ASOS, sneakers - Vans, bag - Mel

Trying out colour blocking for the first time! I still feel slightly uncomfortable in bright colours but I think they really flatter and brighten my complexion. To explore this trend, I bought a small coral bag from Mel. It's like a dash of highlighter! I get a mini shock every time I see it.

Close-up of accessories 

I really recommend Little Children Museum to everyone; especially people who grew up in Singapore. I did not spend my entire childhood here so some things did not make sense to me. So thankful that Nigel brought me there! Hope my pictures didn't spoil the surprise for ya! ;b