A Week's Worth

Holidays are here so I finally have the time to do the things I love. I want to build a better portfolio, produce better contents for this blog (feel free to give me ideas!), catch up with old friends, introduce myself to illustration and maybe make some money. 

My life in a week:

Nude Zara leather pumps

Firstly, a pair of shoes I splurged on - nude leather pumps. Yes, it was a difficult decision but I made my mind anyway because I believe it's a good investment. Yes, it's Zara and pricey but I swore I'd wear it often (cost divided by wear!). I couldn't find any other pair that was made to such perfection... Nude pumps are timeless and versatile. Besides, pointed shoes are in trend right now. Think I have made the right decision. Go get a pair for yourself before they're gone off racks!

With model Tisha at Dressabelle's shoot

Made my first visit to Dressabelle's studio (yep, the cozy pink studio you'll see in their videos). The people there were really sweet and hardworking. I can't wait to embark on even more exciting projects with the team!

Meet Rover, the adorable poodle receiving love from his owner

Had a great time at Desiree's playing with Rover and watching movies like we did during secondary school days.

Blouse - New Look, blazer - Cotton On, jeans - Forever 21, shoes - Tegan by Dr. Marters, bag - Perllini

My dad returned home from Qatar!

Lips: MAC lipstick in Angel, MAC lipglass in Lady Gaga

All attention on the lips! I've been really into glossy lips recently, though they're the most annoying thing when hair gets stuck. Here, I have some cream blush, a coat of mascara, tamed brows and barely any foundation, yet I look pretty made up. I find myself running late all the time, that's why I rely on vibrant lip colours. A 2 minutes lip is quicker and makes just as much impact as a 20 minutes smokey eye. Try it for yourself :)