Double flare

Do you like peplum tops? I do! And this particular one has sparrows on them, how cute? So I matched it with my sparrow earrings. (running out of creativity) I'm pretty impressed with the cutting and material of my blouse! It's super silky and lightweight...promise to not cause excessive (and embarrassing) perspiration on humid days. 

Sparrow Pelplum Blouse - Dressabelle | Bootcut jeans - ASOS

The past week has been crazy for me. It's been a long while since I last watched a movie in my bed with camomile tea and snacks. When I'm studying for exams, my mind constantly plans to reorganize my wardrobe/ read a book etc. But when I finally have free time, I'd never get to what I have planned for myself . It's funny how I only yearn for simple pleasures in life when I am occupied.

Jelly stilettos - Melissa
Did you guys notice there aren't any zippers on my jeans? It's like jeggings! Fits me like a glove and extremely comfortable.

Awesome photography by JJ

It's the weekends again! I am spending my weekends dressing up, going to church and doing what I love - makeup assignment!

How are you spending yours?