Fish: A Short Film

Amanda and her father are out fishing. Despite their differing viewpoints, she comes to terms with how being home together is what matters. Is Pride and Comfort the reason why you love Singapore? Amanda and his Father are fishing but with a very different agenda.

A few months ago, I landed in an opportunity where I got to work with Singapore film maker, Ray Pang for this small production. As a budding makeup artist, I have only worked for mainly fashion photo shoots and this was really a whole new experience for me. I never imagined production to be such a complex, tedious project. I can only imagine the tremendous amount of preparation that goes into making movies you watch in cinemas.

I'll leave you to enjoy the clip. It may be short but it contains a deeper meaning within. Feel free to voice out in the comments on what it means to you. :-)

 photo 184172_10151301991905885_419565336_n_zpsaaeaba78.jpg
Part of the crew! (Photo courtesy of Ray Pang)

If you are interested, you can head on to see the behind-the-scenes video here!