Shanghai Day 11: Shoes!

My sincere apologies for breaking my promise of blogging daily about my Shanghai trip. My schedule was packed and I couldn't keep up. Anyway, I asked on Twitter if you would like me to blog about shoes I purchased in China, and the response was positive. Hopefully this post would help you when you shop on Taobao or visit Shanghai. Whether you are a shoeaholic or plain curious, here it is - Shoe Porn!

 photo IMG_7928-2_zpsd45cf4a1.jpg
GUCCI Minimalistic Sandals, RMB274/ S$54

 photo IMG_7932-2_zps0783d652.jpg

I hope I don't offend anymore here for purchasing a GUCCI duplicate. I have been looking for a pair sandals like this but most I have seen in Singapore are either too expensive (ZARA) or uncomfortable. It's expected for heels with little straps to be uncomfortable, but this pair was made with platforms which makes it a lot better. I'm sure you'd understand. The studs are kinda unnecessary but I don't mind. The price is relatively high because it's duplicated to look very similar to the real deal and it's real leather. Even came with a GUCCI shoe box! In case you're getting the exact pair, it's true to size, but do get one size down if you have narrow feet like mine.

 photo IMG_7934-2_zps9213dd2a.jpg
Boho Fringe Boots, RMB159/ S$32

I call this my 'Pocahontas' boots. I would probably dress myself entirely in fringe if it was deemed acceptable by society lol. These boots will look super cute with a maxi dress and denim shorts. I'm not sure if it's even partially leather but it's good quality and very comfortable. Runs true to size.

 photo IMG_7937-2_zps48abfc12.jpg
Oxford Boots, RMB356, S$71

 photo IMG_7940-2_zps480bbaf0.jpg

This is my favourite pair out of the lot. It's expensive because it's all-over genuine leather, even its interior. I love the faded and slightly glossy appearance, giving it a worn out look by default. Compared to my Dr Martens, these fit my narrow feet a lot better with its slim cut. They can look very androgynous with skinny jeans or pants, just the way I like it. If you are getting the same pair, buy one size down!

 photo IMG_7924-2_zps2d8d88e8.jpg
FEIYUE Canvas Sneakers, RMB69/ S$14
Probably the most iconic shoes you can buy from Shanghai, also the cheapest out of the lot. They were very popular among local youths in the seventies, worn mainly for sports. I cannot tell you where to buy these because I happened to find them in a small shop along Nanjing Road. FEIYUE had become a timeless classic, and according to the shopkeeper, it's now very popular among the French. In Europe, a pair like this retails for 50 Euros. Ironically, the local youths don't fancy these at all. To me, I just wanted something practical and memorable from Shanghai. Ah, canvas shoes always remind me of good ol' school days!

*Update: I just found out there is an official Taobao web store for Feiyue sneakers! Here: www.cmfeiyue.taobao.com