Wishlist: April

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I'd really like to own a pair of leather looking jeans that aren't really leather, you know what I mean right? No situation is worse than being sticky and gross in tight leather jeans. These one I found looks pretty comfortable, it's actually coated cotton which looks like leather! But damn it they just ran out of my size. You can choose to leave the ankle unzipped if you're wearing fancy shoes.

OMG these remind me of um, is it Celine? Frankly, I almost never wear sandals because I hate getting my toes dirty (like if I stepped into a puddle) but these caught my attention because the contrast of a masculine buckle against the thin straps! I'm still not if I really want to get them. But damn...can you imagine how amazing these would look with denim skirts? *_*

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When I showed Nigel this dress, his reaction was, "Is this a paradox? Mixing feminine lace with an evil looking skull.." If you look closer, the lace is more like cobwebs! Its so beautiful but I can imagine finding the appropriate lingerie nightmarish. It's amazing nonetheless!

Probably the most comfortable thing to wear out. Your parents may see them as pajamas. Get some flip flops, a loose t-shirt...perfect for summer and lounging around at home looking fab with nowhere to go.

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I've talked about these before but for your benefit I will mention them again. They are only S$16. Are you kidding me ASOS?? I am so happy to find these! Such a steal!

This cropped top will looking amazing with a gold chain necklace and high-waisted disco pants. I'm thinking of getting myself a cropped top but not the crew neck kind cause everyone's wearing those on the streets.