Moody Textures

Lapel executive vest (ZARA inspired) - c/o Dressabelle
Also in white.

In a sudden mood for full on black, I decided to go all out in layers and multiple textures. If you have been following me long enough, you know that I love anything leather and would seize the chance whenever it's cooler out there. Among the many types of outerwear that I love, I have been really loving vests because they're extremely flattering and lightweight. They are life savers when you need that extra cover up when your dress is slightly revealing. But in today's context, this semi-formal vest really dressed up my otherwise casual attire. At the same time, it also gave more structure to my slouchy sweater. I love how the overall relaxed vibe is countered with a lightest hint of formality. Since I'm not in the mood for heels (hate stepping into puddles), I went with an androgynous chunky boot that is edgy and minimal. 

Chunky block ankle booties - c/o Charles & Keith

Jade neck gem necklace - c/o O'ORO

In this festive season, I think it's impossible to not notice and love anything bejewelled. Gotta admit, I am overly obsessed with gem necklaces...not only they make any outfit look five times more expensive and put together, don't deny the fact that they're gorgeous when instagrammed. We girls are all guilty of that right? However, statement necklaces like these can be extremely difficult to work with. I recommend pairing them with plain tops and collars. I don't own many but so far, this one I'm wearing is my favourite because it's subtly glamorous with pops of green gems. I love jewel tones as they emanate a sense of mystery.

Knit sweater - ZARA | Leather panel pants - Wonderstellar

Erebus cross body bag - c/o O'ORO

Since the new year is just around the corner, one of my resolutions is to carry less junk. I'm sure most girls are guilty of keeping way too many receipts and lipsticks. Over packing hurts my back and make me grumpy, so it only makes sense that I make it a point to carry only the essentials. While it's always hard to start a good habit, owning a small (but reasonably) sized bag motivates me! This mini sling surprisingly holds most of my belongings – phone, wallet, glasses, keys etc. Plus I always prefer bags with flaps because I can easily reach for stuff. Besides, it makes a really stylish camera bag as well!

Photos by JJ