Style - Kristen Stewart

Young starlet of the (in)famous Twilight Saga is known for her emotionless face, bad acting and....

Okay I'm kidding!

I used to be obsessed with Twilight and New Moon during my secondary school days! Recently, I've been looking up on her outfits for various appearances on TV and online articles. Have to admit I'm digging how she puts herself together. Her style is always simple, flawed (in a good way; e.g. tousled hair) and age appropriate. In case you didn't know, she's only 21 years old.

Kristen has dark hair, fair complexion and 1.68m tall. It's quite obvious that she wears mostly dark colours too. I feel that I have similar attributes and preferences and that makes me feel like I can relate to her. Not saying that I look like her! I feel that it's nice to find a someone whose style I can relate to as it will constantly inspire me. Also, whatever works for her would probably work for me too!

When asked what her style was like, she replied to vogue.co.uk:
I have different versions of myself and a standard uniform - I wear jeans. It's cool to have another side of things. I have phases.

Below are some outfits that I like on her:

Source: http://www.fabsugar.com/
Anyone knows the name for the kind of dress she's wearing here? I'm referring to those dresses with an intended elongated waistline. I love how it accentuates her small waist. She wore a trenchcoat to balance out the shortness of her dress. The waistline is not overly low on Kristen, unlike Sarah Jessica Parker's dress that made her look disproportionate:

Source: Rue De Chic


In fact, I think she looks GREAT. She could have gone with sky-topping heels like any other celebrity on the red carpet. Those classic Converse high-cuts are unexpected and made her stand out.

More often than not, I would be criticized in school for wearing sneakers with a dress or skirt. I've been called "weird", "mismatched", and "the Uli style" by my friends for doing so. I don't understand why is there an unspoken rule stating "Dresses only go with flats, sandals or heels". Think Avril Lavigne, Pink, or Hayley Williams - don't they all wear sneakers?

I strongly support the idea of sneakers with dresses. Here is an article on how to pull off this style:

Fashion Challenge: Sneakers with a Skirt or Dress – College Fashion

Kristen's gowns:

Kristen's gowns are usually strapless and of floor-sweeping length. She is also very modest when it comes to dressing - avoiding over revealing cuts or plunging necklines.

This royal blue gown is gorgeous! Compared with the grey, blue complements her complexion so much more can't you notice?

Kristen's mini dresses:

There is no reason for Kristen to hide her legs when they go on forever. Besides jeans and long gowns, she is also commonly seen in mini dresses.

My personal favourite!
I am in love with her dress. It's a has asymmetrical sleeves, a mixture of textures and reveals just the right amount of skin.

Kristen looks sultry in lace and red lips. Reminds me a little of Scarlett Johansson.

This outfit would be my second favourite. I believe those silver details are either sequins or hardware. Her messy side-swept hair goes so well with her grungey dress. Again, the unexpected Kristen went with simple black stilettos instead of other sophisticated footwear. 

I don't really fancy this dress but the colour looks gorgeous on her. Olive green is one of my favourite colours to wear. While many blondes end up looking dull with this colour, surprisingly, olive green flatters most Asians with dark hair and warm skin. If you have never tried anything close to this, you should! 

Read full report at XinMSN.

In my opinion, Kristen's style is simple to follow and very wearable in reality. Here I shall conclude the 4 elements of her style:
  • Basic black stilettos
    If you have noticed, her footwear is very standard with all outfits - black stilettos. It's a fashion staple that goes with everything. Plus, it also elongates and draws all the attention to your legs. I'm guilty to not own one... 
  • Textures
    We've seen her in satin, lace, mesh and frills. An outfit does not need colours to stand out. I'm someone who tends to not wear a lot of colours and personally hate colour blocking. A monochromic outfit can be interesting by combining textures. For instance, chiffon + leather (Outfit inspiration).
  • Imperfections
    I love how Kristen never appears to be perfect. By that I mean her messy hair, posing without trying-too-hard etc. Gives her so much personality. Such a down to earth girl!
  • Minimum accessorizing
    From the pictures above, you can hardly spot any accessory except for a ring, watch, bracelet. The focus is solely on her alone. Even when in her gown, she kept to zero accessorizing. Sometimes, less is really more. 


Barbie & Ken

Committed to chronicling the more sinister side of Barbie's picturesque life, self-taught photographer Mariel Clayton's body of work is a collection of images depicting the doll as an aggressor of a number of gory scenarios.

Complemented with tongue-in-cheek titles, the outlandishly gruesome images often include Ken, Barbie's on-and-off-again boyfriend, in the unfortunate position of victim: decapitated with a box of chocolate in hand, hung upside down and drained of his blood, scrubbing the floor with a sponge while naked on a leash, and many other unlucky roles.
The below images are not for the faint hearted!











Source: Designboom
Photography by: Mariel Clayton (see more)

Oh my. My childhood is ruined forever.

What disturbing pictures. As much as I cringe at the sight of Barbie's I-just-killed-my-boyfriend-grin, I can't help but to look into the details over and over again. Did anyone else notice that there are rats in almost every setting? Ew! I love Barbie dolls. I still keep the ones I love with me till today. But Barbie as a serial killer? *shivers*

I still prefer Barbie in her Fairytopia suit. You decide!

Feature on Sarah Loves Drawing

A big thank you to Sarah for featuring me!

Read more on Sarah's blog: http://sarahlovesdrawing.blogspot.com/2011/09/sarah-loves-trends-black-leather-jacket.html?spref=bl



Blouse - New Look

Went for heavily lined eyes today, with some gold shadow and black outer corners. Lips and cheeks were kept relatively neutral.

Some of the products used:

Face: Revlon Colourstay Liquid Foundation, MAC Prep&Prime loose powder
Eyes: Loreal gel liner, Eyeshadow from MAC and Maybelline
Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose Velvet

Some people have asked me if I edit my face in photo editing softwares. The answer is: I only edit away blemishes when it looks extremely distracting, e.g. a big red pimple on the middle of my nose. Other than that, it's all makeup. I try to keep my photos realistic. You may click on them and see for yourself!

Show Me Your...Camera!

From left to right: Diana Mini, (not sure), Canon S95, Ricoh XR-X, Leica M8 iPhone cover

Our cameras! Taken with my Canon G11.

I've been thinking of some ideas for my blog. So this is a little weekly series that I plan to do from now, called "Show me your...(item of the day)". Hopefully this makes things more interesting for you and I as well as my friends. Enjoy!


Maxi Dress Party

The day my friends and I coincidentally wore maxi dresses to church...

A great maxi dress, in my opinion is something that will never go out of style. The idea of a maxi is simple - a long dress that covers.

Here are 3 reasons why I love maxi dresses:

1. It's figure flattering for everyone, really.
2. It's sexy without revealing much skin.
3. It creates instant motion and drama.

A good fit and one that reflects your personality makes a difference. For instance, girls who are curvy might want to stay away with frills as they give more volume. In general, always try to get something that looks great on its own, even without a belt to clinch the waist. Remember, accessories are optional and should enhance more than it fix.

I will feature 3 kinds of maxi dress that my friends and I wore, and bring you through some other ways I'd personally wear them.

Bernice's Diana Mini

1. Animal print

Whether it's leopard or zebra, animal prints are incredibly dramatic, especially on a maxi dress. It's important to get one with prints that look relatively similar as of leopard skin as the correct colour and print would flatter our skin tone better. I feel that grey leopard prints should be avoided as they don't only look artificial, but doesn't compliment warm skin tones as well. Grey leopard prints make me look extremely tired and dull.

Leopard print maxi dress - Bugis street, $15

Bernice looked beautiful in her maxi dress as the warm tones of her dress really enhanced her skin tone and red hair. She paired it with chunky heels and a waist belt to show off her figure.

I would wear her maxi dress with sandals and braided head band for a bohemian look. I feel that leopard prints look amazing with anything hot pink. Thus, I would go with a bright pink lipstick for a slight pop of colour.

Suede wedged boots, New Look

Nick's creepers from Underground

For life <3

2. Solid colour

If you like your maxi dress to be very versatile, try a solid colour maxi dress. Common choices are black, white and navy blue. Those are fine, but I wanted something that made an impact on its own, yet versatile enough to go with many different things in my wardrobe. This one I have is in fuchsia, which I think really suits my skin tone. Fits me like a glove!

I would also wear it with my leather jacket and boots if I'm feeling grungy. Otherwise, a blazer and some pumps will give it a nice polished look.

Fuchsia maxi dress - Forever 21, $21 

3. Floral

Girly, romantic and perfect for summer. Floral dresses are irresistible and such a pretty sight to see! The key to rocking a floral maxi dress is not to over accessorize. Try to keep everything simple; Kaylin accessorized with only earrings. Staying clear of necklaces help draw more attention to her collar bones.

A floral maxi can be toned down by wearing something neutral in colour such as a nude blazer. A well-cut blazer will give more structure and frame the body as contrasted with the flowy movement of a maxi dress. On colder days, a cropped sweater can be worn over and give a more relaxed look.

Heels from Far East Plaza

I'm so happy with how all the pictures turned out. So heartwarming to see my friends genuinely happy. I'm sure you can tell by the photos. Love taking photos of them as these will be worthy to back on 10 years from now.

So which is your favourite dress? Let me know!