Sheer Fantasy

Remember the fashion show where models sat on carousel horses, dressed in fairy-like prettiness in a sea of oversized translucent collars, pastels and full skirts? That's Louis Vuitton for their Spring/Summer collection 2012. The fashion show was so magical to watch that it gave me goosebumps. 

Blouse - Dressabelle, pencil skirt - ASOS, heels - ZARA, belt - Hong Kong

The show - 48 carousel horses each carrying a model (Source)

The blouse I'm wearing was inspired by Louis Vuitton. (Source)

Although all-out-girly is not exactly my style, I have to admit that I'm influenced to love romantic pieces. Feminine pieces somehow just feels good and look right. This blouse is light weight, sheer yet structured. So beautiful on its own.

Earrings - H&M, oyster shell ring - Beadstreet

What better way is there to pair a collar blouse than full skirts? My first instinct was to wear the blouse with a leather skirt. I really think collars and flares were made for each other, but on second thought I decided to go with a skinny pencil skirt to match my earrings. (Yep, totally creative.)

Wearing my favourite heels at the moment. Thankfully it's not as uncomfortable as it looks, except that it's slightly wobbly. I love how it makes me look like I'm tip-toeing from afar!

Dress - H&M, combat boots - Skechers

Special thanks to my photographer Mandy.