Wishlist: March

You all know just how much I love shopping as ASOS. Regardless of promotions, there is always a reason to browse a page or two...which usually turns into a hundred. Anyway, here are some things that are within my radar!

 photo image1xxl1_zpsf91dca9b.jpg  photo image1xxl_zps2fea7fcd.jpg
1. Vintage Wash Dungaree
2. Plain Dungarees
Overalls (some call them Dungarees) may not be everyone's cup of tea but personally, I find them practical and comfortable. I especially love pairing them with cute collared shirts beneath and sneakers. Funny how it has become a trend. Last year in Bangkok, I repeated my overalls almost every day and only had to change into a different shirt everyday!

 photo image1xxl2_zpsf69ec133.jpg  photo image1xxl3_zpsab5503c7.jpg
3. Bathing Beauties Make Up Bag
Sometimes when I pack my hand bag, I cannot believe the amount of junk I find inside. Salonpas, hand cream, lip balm, receipts...you name it. It's time I get this adorable makeup bag to store everything neatly. Does the pouch remind you of those vintage Coca Cola ads?

4. Floral Maxi Dress
I recently saw a bohemian style maxi dress in ZARA that was way too expensive. That made me search for some alternatives in ASOS and this is my ideal!

 photo image3xxl_zpsdec8affd.jpg  photo image2xxl_zps3a6bb893.jpg
5. Book Clutch
It's a book...it's a clutch...it's a book clutch! I.need.this.now.

6. Swirl Through Earrings
You know you're lazy when you avoid stud earrings because you don't know where the stopper is. I just love how swirly and stylish these broken hooks are.

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