Review: Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick

The Kate Moss lipsticks have been such a rave among beauty bloggers and when my friend Sheryl recommended to me and described it as "damn good", that was when I decided to purchase from ASOS. Each tube costs only S$11.66, free shipping!

I am very picky about my lipsticks; I prefer them matte, opaque and as scentless as possible. I dislike wearing anything sticky or glittery. So far, my favourite lipsticks are from MAC and Revlon.

Swatches under sunlight
  1. Color pay-off (5/5) - I will describe more in detail later, but in summary, you can definitely apply them straight from the tube and the color opacity is AMAZING! I also look for high coverage lipsticks because it is not worth it to apply over and over. One swipe of this is enough to wipe out your natural lip colour so concealer is unnecessary as base. However, I have to highlight that the shade 107 (worn by Kate Moss in promotional poster) comes off less dark than it seems in tube.
  2. Texture (4/5) - Something I wasn't super impressed at first but grew to love; can you tell that it doesn't appear that matte?! When freshly applied, it appears more like a MAC creme sheen instead of an expected velvety texture. But the shine can be reduced by blotting with tissue or powdering. I also noticed that the initial shine does fade slowly after you've applied.  I do love how it feels on my lips because it is super smooth and more hydrating than the Revlon Matte lipsticks. But I just don't think that it is 100% matte. 
  3. Staying power (5/5) - I have worn these lipsticks out for dinner and I am super impressed with how stubbornly long it stays on. You can drink and eat at ease without worrying about it fading. I only had to reapply once when I am out an entire day. Also, it does not appear blotchy or sink into lines. 
  4. Scent (2.5/5) - Now, I dislike lip products that smell artificially sweetened. The Kate Moss ones smell like berry detergent to me, and you'd know what I mean if you have tried the older Rimmel lipsticks. It tastes like soap when I accidentally lick off my lipstick. Thankfully, the scent doesn't linger for long.

How do I apply my red lipsticks?

  1. No matter how good your lipstick is, a red lipstick always looks better with definition. I like to outline my lips with a lip pencil similar to my lipstick. Some people like to fill in the entire lip, but outlining is just my preference.
  2. If I am doing makeup makeup on someone, I use a brush. At home, I apply straight from the tube just because it gives off higher opacity faster.

If you make any mistakes, simply use a cotton bud to clean up and if you are on set, go around the entire lip with creamy concealer for ultimate definition. 

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 111

Shade 111 is an warm, orange-based red. It is a classic fire engine, London post box kind of red that is really vibrant. This color is my personal favourite because it brightens up my yellow complexion! You can compare for yourself with the other shade I am about to show you.

Rimmel Kate Matte lipstick in 107

Shade 107 is a cool, blue-based red which is slightly darker. It is a very good shade to go for if you like the dark, vampy lip trend. This shade also makes your teeth appear whiter! I prefer to go for this shade when I want to channel a more grungy rocker vibe, it looks great with smokey eyes.

It's true when they say a red lipstick which looks good on your friend may not look good on you. Keep experimenting to find the perfect red for yourself. In my case, it's probably a warm red.

Topped with Veronica Feelin' So Good lipgloss (MAC Archie's Girls Collection)

Just to show you how 'vampy' shade 107 can be, I applied a dark purple lipgloss on top. With the purple, shade 107 turns into a dark berry plum shade, dark yet wearable. This lip combo is super pretty with just mascara and contoured cheeks.

Bottom line: Will I repurchase? Yes! In fact, I intend to purchase the other three lipsticks in the Matte line. They are so affordable and super good quality. You can count on me that these lipsticks will not disappoint you. :-)

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