Last weekend

Yuting's 18th birthday

The evening sun

Ultra cutesy cake with leopard prints!


Visiting the railway track @ Bukit Timah

Since everyone has made at least one visit to the tracks, I did too! Haha, I don't really know the purpose of it. But I guess it's something turning into history and people just want to visit, take lots of pictures and keep it in their memory before those tracks get demolished.

I felt like as if I was in another place while making my way down the rocky pavements with minimal wood to step on. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful, besides the occasional flocks of curious people (including myself) and heat that ruined the experience.

Nigel snapping away eagerly

Brought my dad's old SLR along!

Cat eye shades - Shanghai, top - m(phosis), denim skirt - FOX, sneakers - Vans

My favourite pair. Oldie but goodie! Have been wearing it since I was 15.


<3 <3

Editing photos with Aperture for the first time ever. I'm still pretty lost with the functions and all, I love the preset effects (I'm using mostly 'vintage' for this set) but the interface can be pretty confusing. Still learning!

Thank you for reading. Hang in there, the weekends are coming!


Tears dry on their own

Review: Himalaya Neem Face Pack

This entry is about a face mask for oily, pimple prone skin. I have been religiously using this product for more than a year and LOVING IT. It works like magic and doesn't cost a bomb. I do not go for facials because this mask has done its job keeping my face clean.


Active ingredients:

Neem - well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence.
Turmeric - antiseptic and improves complexion.

You'd be happy to know that Himalaya Herbals is against animal testing and was crowned as one of Woman's Weekly Best Beauty Buys Award 2011.

If I'm not wrong, a tube of this goodie only costs $10.90 in Watsons. It'll last you for a long time; I'm only on my second tube after a year and a half. Basically, it is a greenish, grainy liquid that carries a strong neem scent. It's advised to left on the face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off.

Here's how I use it:
1. Start with a clean face. Remove all makeup else it won't be as effective!
2. Use an adequate amount and apply on face in small circular motions (helps to exfoliate dead skin)
3. You only need a thin layer!
4. Rinse after mask has COMPLETELY dried
5. Tone (to remove any residue) and moisturize

What it does is that it absorbs all the sebum/dirt from the pores. It can be extremely drying and tight when applied, but it does a fantastic job clearing my face! I do not recommend this to people with dry or sensitive skin because it might cause redness and irritation. Also, never use this on wounds or burns!

Right after applying mask
When mask dries off

See those dots concentrated around my nose and cheeks?

Yes, that's how dirty my face at the end of the week. Once, I left it on for an hour and there were literally PATCHES of oil spots around my nose. After treatment, my skin becomes more radiant, smoother and less visible pores.

In summary...
- Very affordable
- Effective in cleansing, exfoliating, preventing breakouts
- Works as a mask and exfoliator
- Doesn't take long to dry up on face (unlike the peel-off ones)

- Contents tend to dry up (simply wet your fingers before application to solve this problem)
- Slight tingling sensation
- Hard to wash off (use a toner to remove any residue before mosturizer)

That's it! I hope you guys/girls will give it a try! 


Loots: Daiso


1. Lace border tape - for scrap-booking, and maybe as decor for my dresser
2. Sun hat - something similar but not as dramatic as the floppy ones
3. Charcoal cleansing cream - I'm fascinated by skincare that has jet black contents
4. Mini portable tripod (what a steal!!)
5. Plate holder - intended to hold my uke which apparently doesn't work

Have always loved Daiso for their value-for-money everyday goods and its variety. Everything goes at $2. Heaven sent!



I sent my first roll of film to develop today! I'm so excited to see how it turns out, having this film-roll-fever because recently mom has been sorting out old pictures, pictures of me as a toddler/ kid. Can't wait to see the wonders of my budget second hand camera.

Picture of me as a toddler, taken by dad, edited with Instagram!

The lack of updates on this space is bothering me. But the truth is, I don't know what to write. And I'm so busy! I haven't been going out dressed up so there isn't any outfit posts :(


P.S. I hate to ask for this, but PLEASE do me a favour by clicking the side advertisement (well, if it interests you) cause it'll really help me earn some money so I can afford my dream pair of shoes!




Gaga creepers in such perfect platform height
I like to call these the librarian/witch heels. Creepers+heels. Perfectly weird. 
JC Clinic
JC Lita in Cosmic. These babies would add some colour to my wardrobe.
Image credit: www.solestruck.com

I've been thinking so much about splurging on a pair of shoes recently although I'm fully aware it's unnecessary. These shoes are pure indulgence. But I can't help myself. I'm a sucker for shoes and lipsticks. These two things, I can't live without either. I'm also naturally drawn to black, chunky, leather looking shoes that makes my feet look oddly disproportionate against my frame. The only exception shall be those galaxy shoes. But just minutes ago, I found out that my size already ran out. 



Design Your Dorm

Design yours at http://designyourdorm.com/

This is my current room layout!

Hahaha well it's not to scale, neither does it resemble much in terms of colours, furniture etc. I am intrigued by how interior design creates 'invisible spaces'. My dad always tells me that beautiful spaces are not built solely with things we see - sophisticated furniture, stacks of organized junk etc., but rather, with spaces we create. Don't make sense? Browse through IKEA catalogue and notice how their showrooms are never too packed, yet there's a place for everything.

Anyway if you're like me who enjoys nosing into people's bedrooms here's some links that you might enjoy:

Have a great week ahead everyone! :)


Gems and stones

Adorable Jibbitz on Raymond's Crocs

I hate Crocs in general, but in my opinion those coloursful oversized ones on kids are just too cute!

Applying a fresh shade of nude lippy. I was using MAC's peach stock

The weather for the past two weeks have been crazy. It's so hot everywhere, it's quite impossible to stay out without having to squint your eyes against the sun. During days like these I become extremely irritable and lazy! Hate summer. I'm so happy with the pictures though! Most were taken at the car park within church compound. Such a peaceful, lovely place with perfect lighting and some privacy.

Blazer - Mandy's, vintage blouse - Victoria Jomo, suede wedged booties - flea market

Mandy kindly lent me her turquoise blazer, I love it so much! Isn't it gorgeous? I rarely see turquoise blazers anywhere, in fact I've never seen one in retail stores. Zara offers many colours such as green, orange and pink, but why don't they make turquoise ones?!

Close up on accessories + aviators from Salvation Army

Joel and I

The focus of my outfit was definitely on the blouse. It's truly vintage, and probably tailored to fit. The shoulders are slightly puffed up and has a tapered waist. I love how the shoulders are masculine, yet delicate with the colours and details. Such a beauty! Purple is my favourite colour and I think it goes amazing well contrasted with greens. A vintage blouse isn't the most versatile thing to wear cause it tends to look old fashioned and awkward, it took me awhile to think of a way to wear it. I'd wear it as outer wear on days I feel less daring

What do you think? Would you wear something like this? If yes, what will you pair it with?