Cropped cable knit

Knit sweater - ASOS, high-waist shorts - brandless, bag - Shanghai, boots - Timberland

First comment I got from my friends who saw me today: "this sweater's too small for you."

I mean, duh, it's a cropped sweater and it's supposed to look like this! Is it that bad?! I'm wearing my trusty Timberland boots I got a year ago in Qatar. They're durable, waterproof and have kept me comfortable when I travel. Love it <3


Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Blouse - Oh So Fickle boutique, flared jeans - ASOS, suede wedges - second hand

Accessories/ arm party, gold and silver 

My girls, love them to death

*I whip ma hair back and forth!*

I have been loving bell bottoms so much lately. It's something out of my comfort zone because I usually wear skinny pants only but I'm growing to love flares! (See how I wore Forever 21 lace bell bottoms here) Bell bottoms are such underrated pieces because many people don't realize how flattering they can be. Why did I take so long to realize how amazing bell bottoms are? Why?! However, smaller girls might want to stay away from overly exaggerated flares because those will only make you look shorter. The right material (which provides structure), cutting and length is important. Add some sky-topping heels are you're ready to rock :)


Dress up or down

Today's outfit features Dressabelle's self-manufactured Origami Evening Dress. I love the geometrically inspired designs - the v-neck, pleats and lines that give a sharp, defined look.

I will be showing you how to dress up or down the same dress I have.

Dress it up

Dress - Dressabelle, blazer - Uniqlo, pumps - Melissa, bag - Perllini

A great blazer can bring any outfit to a whole new level. Evening dresses will never go wrong with classic pointy pumps. For a little more colour, I added a statement bag that goes perfectly with the purple pleats. 

Love the pleated details with vibrant purple satin lining

Dress it down

Dress: Dressabelle, cable knit sweater - ASOS, sling bag - Mango, suede wedges - second hand
Because the dress is so formal looking, I toned it down by wearing a soft knit sweater over. This look is great for travelling when you have little luggage space. Just bring a pair of jeans and you can create 3 outfits altogether!


Sweet, neat!

(taken with iPhone)

Rejoice! My year two of polytechnic education has just ended. Life has just begun. It's great to feel like a free bird; being able finally stay up till dawn (not study) tv marathon-ing, create more makeup tutorials (maybe), how about a room tour? Will anyone be interested?

I packed my wardrobe a bit, arranged them by colour and textures. Everything looks so much more pleasing when they're in order. I can now better visualize outfits without trying them on. Dressing up can be so much fun!



Batwing top - Kate Love, pants - ZARA, shoes - JC Clinic (inspired), bag - Charles&Keith

Photo credit: Dione

My mood is as gloomy as my outfit looks. Can't wait for exams to be over. 


Valentines' Day

Snippet of my Vday outfit - both from Charles&Keith
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My valentine <3 :)

The ultra sinful Jedi Mudster cake of NYDC - Orea cookie dough + chilled double chocolate with bits of macadamia nut. Mmmmmm

It was truly a blessing to spend my valentines' day with Nigel. To us, it's really just another ordinary date - simple dinner, words of appreciation, no money wasted on roses. I don't see why we must be extra caring and affectionate to each other only once every year. Also, what a silly idea to think valentines' day is only 'acceptable' if you're dating? What's with people making a big fuss over how you're 'forever alone' or "Oh well it's just another tuesday.."? Stop self-pitying! It may sound cliche but how can you love someone else when you can't even love yourself? Just because one has a partner to go out with does not mean they are truly in love. Haven't those married couples been single once too? 

On a random note, introducing my two most frequently worn lipsticks at the moment:

Revlon Super Lustrous matte lipstick - 010 Wine Not
Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick - 640 Coral Chic

I swear by the formula of Revlon lipsticks. They are true to colour, very lasting, reasonably moisturizing and scentless! I personally hate lipsticks that bear artificial fruity scents which more often than not tastes like soap. It's comparable to MAC lipsticks, if not better. Honestly I feel that MAC lipsticks can make your lips chap a little (especially the Satin line) though pigmentation isn't a problem. So if you're like me on a tight budget, you know the alternative now!


The Trench Dress

The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric, submitted a design for an army officer's raincoat to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901 and it became an optional dress item in the British Army. The trench coat was not only resistant to extreme wet weathers, it has also become a timeless classic.

Dress - Dressabelle, platforms - JC Lana Fab, sun hat - Daiso

Summer doesn't mean style has to be sacrificed. I was elated when Dressabelle brought in this trench coat inspired dress - breathable, sleeveless, pockets for your hands like how you would slot them in the winter. This dress has all the elements of the classic trench yet it's realistic be worn in Singapore. 

No one can deny that cream is an universally flattering colour for all skin tones. Thomas Burberry must be a genius.

Back details - in the style of a classic trench coat

Added a sun hat just for fun. Missing a magnifying glass that'll totally make me look like the inspector in Pink Panther. 



Sweater dress - Mom's, platforms - Jeffrey Campbell Lana Fab, bag - Charles & Keith

Snowflake prints are so last (last) Christmas but....I'm beginning to like winter-ish looking knit wear and may even consider going on a shopping spree just to get basic knits in 5 different shades. What was I thinking when I thought sweaters were unattractive?! My mom gave me this sweater/dress and it has been my go-to dress for school if I run way too late. It's so fuzzy and comfortable and probably the closest thing to wrapping myself in cotton wool.


Bon Anniversaire!

Happy 2 years anniversary to Nigel and I!  Finally took some time out together after weeks of rushing deadlines and tests. To spend our special day together, we went to see the Dreams and Reality art exhibition.

This is the interior of the Musée d'Orsay in Paris:

I feel privileged to see so many masterpieces in the National Museum of Singapore (Ticketing details here) without having to fly all the way to Paris. 

"The exhibition explores the reaction of man towards modernity at the turn of the century from 1848 to 1914. The changing social and industrial landscapes of Paris in early modernity forced artists and photographers to rethink their approach to the visual world around them. Their varied responses generated new ways of depicting reality and a proliferation of styles."

The exhibition is divided in themes such as war, solitude and mythology. France went through many upheavals including industrialisation, the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and the start of first world war. These influenced the artists of that period, who sought to express their worldview or escape from it through their art. Majority of the paintings were done by oil on canvas. Here are some of my favourites:

Venus at Paphos by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (source)
Sorry for the nudity. At the first glance this reminds me of Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to description, the artist intentionally drew her back more arched than it should be (pay attention to where her left shoulder is positioned) for an erotic effect. I also loved how the blurred features of the child gave a dream-like quality. Some sources mentioned the artist drew the stolen 'head' (daughter of a wealthy client he painted - with clothes on) with an imaginary body and scene. Talk about photoshop in the past...

Young Girl and Death by Marianna Stokes (source)
This painting was originally shaped this way; I can't help but to notice those arched wings and arched bed frames too. The two main colours red and black represents blood and death. Perhaps I have an obsession with arched things (that explains my JC Lana Fabs). A young girl is taken by surprise in her sleep by 'Death', flowers on the side table are withered and this painting shall remain vivid in my memory forever.

The Engima by Gustave Doré (source)

This painting was based on France's defeat by Prussia in 1870. The background shows France fumed by its enemies canon. Under the dark sky a winged woman, probably the embodiment of france is asking the sphinx for answers but it remained silent. I was so visually shocked and overwhelmed by this particular art piece.


Be sure to make a visit ASAP before it's gone on 5 Feb 2012! Try to avoid weekends if you want to really enjoy because the crowd was massive. I think it rekindled my love for paintings as a child! I'm still learning to appreciate art but I'm definitely seeing more this year.

Outfit of the day :

Maxi dress - Forever 21, blazer - Cotton on, sandals - Charles & Keith

I'm wearing Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in 640 Coral Chic in case you're wondering.

Arm party! - feat. metal cuffs and beads. Bag from Shanghai.

Later in the day, Nigel brought me to this high- end furniture store named SPACE located near Sunshine Plaza. Didn't take any pictures because we were way too engrossed in the ridiculously well designed (and priced) furniture. I also discovered this furniture line called, MOOOI; I love it so much that I unknowingly used some of them in my interior design assignment.

We spent our night dining at an inexpensive food court in Sentosa. It's right where the USS globe is. The indoor food court offers traditional local cuisine in an olden street concept, pretty cool if you ask me! Saves money too.