Shirt dress

Shirt dress - Mango

Nude leather pumps - Zara

Accessories - vintage earrings from mom and random rings

Nigel and I

Got this shirt dress about a year ago from a Mango store in Qatar. The dress happened to be on sale that day. Wasn't too sure if I loved it at that time but I got it anyway. It is well structured yet easy to wear, I especially love the loose knot. Since the dress looked pretty good on its on, I thought a pair of nude pumps was understated and perfect to go.


Loots: Jewelry

  1. Ear studs&cuffs, $5.90, H&M
  2. Geometric earrings, $7.90, H&M
  3. Stainless steel ear studs, $0.90 each, Beadstreet
  4. Lightning bolt double ring, $1, Beadstreet
  5. Oyster shell ring, $1, Beadstreet

Went on a mini shopping trip yesterday, want to share with my readers some jewelry I got.

H&M is very fast with trends so you can't go wrong with their accessories. However the prices put me off a little, I got them because I had a giftcard. Otherwise, I'd wait for sale.

What I really want to feature is this accessories shop Beadstreet, located on the second level of Cineleisure. Some of you may be familiar already, but I was there for the first time yesterday and couldn't believe the vast variety of accessories offered at great prices. You will find anything from jewelry, iPhone accessories to nail polish. A dollar for such adorable rings, I can't ask for more. Be sure to check Beadstreet out the next time you go Cineleisure!

(via Instagram @ulimali)

Boyfriend brought me to Jewel Coffee for dinner last night. Located along Shenton Way, the quirky interior with full glass view of the streets provided a perfect getaway spot among the concrete jungle. The boss was friendly and helpful in helping us decide dinner. He seemed passionate and knowledgable about coffee beans, he even offered us to try new brews for free! Not only the service was remarkable, the food too. I loved the mushroom pasta so much! The cafe is not stingy with ingredients. I'm definitely going back for more!


My Victorian Bedroom Tour

"A good home must be made, not bought."
- Joyce Maynard

Wall shelf displaying pretty things I have collected over the years - including mom's old Chanel perfume, Eiffel tower candle holder from Paris (gifted) and a framed post card.

This space is constantly changing, displaying mostly decor and sometimes my favourite shoes at the moment. It's almost like a mini museum; everything up there deserve their spotlight!

Gothic picture frame placed above my work space that brings the whole room together

Finally, this Gothic frame is up in its full glory. I purchased this picture frame from IKEA for $39. Mine is discontinued, but a similar mirror is selling for $49 instead. Why didn't IKEA sell the mirror earlier? Why?!

Besides looking charming on its own in a corner collecting dust, this frame was put to good use as prop for a photo shoot. I have not decided what its contents should be. Should I just leave it empty? Frame a painting? Or a quote that says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."? 

Victorian lamp with a beautiful pendant portrait

My mom gave this this lamp I've always wanted as my birthday present last year. I love it to death. The lamp shade is so beautiful! It really gives my room its character and a romantic vibe.

Nude Zara pumps, DIY mirror

I purchased 2 rolls of lace from Daiso and customized the originally wooden mirror frame. You can buy the mirror for only $9.90 from IKEA.

Assorted collection of decorative (but useless) pillows, new bag from Mel

"Do you really sleep with so many pillows"?

Yes. I only sleep on the main pillow but I like to surround myself with pillows for an added sense of security.

My vanity - clear containers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing

This is where I get ready and do my makeup every day! The square glass is meant to be a vase and the round one is actually the packaging of tuna cans. I prefer transparent/glass containers because they seem to make my room less cluttered, brighter and extra spacious!

Nail polish, most worn accessories

Tinted glass dish - $2 from Daiso.

A glimpse of my bookshelf

I display this amazing makeup book with a plate holder from Daiso, $2.

IKEA hangers - $1 for a pack of 4

Decided to change most of my existing hangers to these ultra thin ones to save space. The uniformity of hangers has made my wardrobe look chic and my clothes more luxurious. Dressing up is supposed be a happy thing!

Embracing the inner geek in me

I love playing Sims! Have always been, and always will! <3 <3 <3

(fake) Diamonds are a (budget) girl's best friend!

Revlon nail varnish in Silver Screen

The chances of me painting my nails is like spotting a rainbow. Nevertheless, I like silver nails because it matches my ring.

HERS Design With a Feminine Touch by Jacqueline deMontravel

I always keep interior design books (or IKEA catalogue) nearby to keep a constant stream of inspiration. I found this book in the library recently, I think whoever loves romantic, victorian or French interiors will love it.


My thoughts:

I always had a strong sense of how I wanted my room to be. I wanted a personalized space where I can rest, dream, pamper, socialize, work and be constantly inspired. I am glad to say that I am 100% happy with my room; not because it is perfect, but rather, it is how I want it to be. Obviously my room did not look like this overnight. I made tons of adjustments to the layout, furniture and even walls. I have the liberty to move everything freely because nothing was built in! With lots of love and hard work, my little space slowly evolved over the years to suit my changing lifestyle.

My greatest inspiration came from the Victorian/ Georgian era (think: The Duchess). I'm definitely not a minimalist. In fact, I hate plain and simple; I love personalizing every corner of my space. I try to stick to a colour palette of purple, white and black. I inject lots of floral patterns because flowers make me feel homely and cozy. Gradually, metallic elements and glass were also added. Although I felt they were mismatched at first, metal and glass actually make my room appear more spacious and modern.

Also, not forgetting that music and scent fills the space that you cannot see!
Recommended music(current favourites): Lana Del Rey and Karen Elson

Please don't take this entry as me boasting. I browse tons of interior design websites, magazines and blog during my free time. I even took up interior design as an elective module in school. Today, I just feel like sharing my room with everyone else who are interested.

I hope you enjoyed my room as much as I do! Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or you just want to share the passion of interior design! <3

How To Wear Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants a.k.a. the ultimate man repelling, most unsexy pants on Earth? 

I beg to differ. In fact, I think these pants and very chic and elegant. Just make sure to choose in light fabric and simple colour. I'm loving the comfort of flared pants - the bigger the better! Time to take a break from your skin-tight jeans and rock the 70s palazzo!


There are many ways to wear palazzo pants but here are 3 simple ways to get started:

(Source: 1, 2, 3)

1. Wear with a loose fitted tee or sweater for a laid back look. (take care not to look sloppy)
2. Cropped tops visually shorten the body and help to elongate legs.
3. A well structured collar look classy and chic. Can't go wrong with this one!

Lastly, remember to be confident!


My take on the palazzo pants:

Shirt - Baleno, palazzo pants - Dressabelle, suede heels - New Look, bag - Mel, necklace - Forever 21

I wore my basic palazzo with a simple white tee. Accessorizing is so important for this look! I paired contrasting accessories together to colour-block in a subtle way. While accessories are fun, I still wanted all attention on the pant's exaggerated silhouette.

I get comments like, "I can't wear palazzo pants because I'm short." 


These pants will surely elongate your legs. Try wedges and high platforms, and tuck your shirt into the pants for higher waistline. It' easy to cheat your way to longer looking legs. If you are like me who hasn't been running like I should, the loose fit will hide any imperfection.

Palazzo pants come in different lengths. Mine stops at the ankle. Although it does not lengthen my legs as much as one that reaches the floor, it shows off my shoes! Besides, I can also wear them with flat sandals if I wanted to. (purchase here)

OOTD of my amazing photographer Mandy:

Collar shirt - Salvation Army (second hand), $10
Asymetrical skirt - handmade by a friend
Belt - mom's
Necklace - gifted
Nude pumps - New Look

You do not need expensive designer clothes to look gorgeous. :)


Children Little Museum

Over the week I enjoyed yet another budget date with boyfriend to the Children Little Museum located at 24 Burossah Street.

Hidden at a quiet corner, this little museum should not be underestimated by its appearance. It's full of surprises inside! Like a surprise box! There are 2 levels - the first mainly selling merchandise and the second is the museum. With just a small fee of $2, you get to see (and play with) tons of nostalgic items and collectibles.

The best part of the museum: photography is totally allowed! So snap away!

I was in shock to see how thoughtful the entire museum was presented. Every corner has a story, never a plain wall. I was welcomed by a white vespa!

I could not believe how detailed the museum was. Can you imagine how long did the owner take to organize and display his collection? Example of one serious hoarder.

I wonder if the bottles really contained coke of just coloured water.

Nigel and I had a great time fooling around! We had freedom to explore because we could touch everything that was displayed out there.

Remembering the days when the school book shop was the coolest spot in school...

The toy cashier was one of my favourite things to play during my primary school days. I wanted to be a cashier!

Marilyn Monroe posters always give a glamourous, flirty vibe to any space.

My outfit of the day:

Shirt - G2000, skirt - ASOS, sneakers - Vans, bag - Mel

Trying out colour blocking for the first time! I still feel slightly uncomfortable in bright colours but I think they really flatter and brighten my complexion. To explore this trend, I bought a small coral bag from Mel. It's like a dash of highlighter! I get a mini shock every time I see it.

Close-up of accessories 

I really recommend Little Children Museum to everyone; especially people who grew up in Singapore. I did not spend my entire childhood here so some things did not make sense to me. So thankful that Nigel brought me there! Hope my pictures didn't spoil the surprise for ya! ;b