Sneak Peek

A little unedited sneak of what I was up to two days ago. Those who have me on Instagram (@ulimali) might have already seen some of the behind-the-scenes. I'm just so excited to share with you all!

Can you guess what is the theme already? (hint: a festive classic)

No prize for right guesses! ;-)

Sweet Drug

Shirt - Sweet Drug | Skirt - Zara | 'Soiree' heels - Jeffrey Campbell (similar here)

I am wearing one of my favourite shirts ever - by a Thai brand named 'Sweet Drug'. Kind of makes me imagine myself having a chest piece lol! I bought it during my Bangkok trip this year while I was shopping among the cramped streets of Chatuchak Weekend Market. I am usually not an impulsive shopper (self-proclaimed) but when I saw Sweet Drug, it was love at first sight. Before I knew it I walked out the store with three pieces, adding Nigel's share it will be four. The brand is very colourful, graphical and cute. There is also an old school appeal to all the pieces - think embroidery, pleats, repetitive prints. The store owner revealed that he hand paints many of the illustrations which will then be printed onto the apparels. I am just so happy to pay for something that was thoughtfully made, so much talent coming from an young entrepreneur! Prices are extremely reasonable ($15~$30) for the design and quality. If you are interested, you can check out their three outlets namely Platinum Mall, Chatuchak Market, and Terminal 21.

Some photo bombing fun to end this post:

Photos by Joanne & Mandy


You Could Be Happy

Kick start the long weekend with a positive attitude! Recently I came across a quote so awesome I felt like tattooing onto my wrist. Kidding.

The better you feel, the better life gets!
- Dulce Candy

As cliche as that sounds, I hate to admit it is so true. How many times has your day turned into a series of unfortunate events sparked off by your neighbors drilling at 8am? Wait, drilling is NOT OKAY. But you get what I mean. Even insignificant things like an angry red zit can put me down.

Leatherette Collar Blouse - Dressabelle | Slit skirt - Cotton On | Suede boots - Topshop

Dressing up is one of my instant remedies to feeling good about myself. If I was given 5 hours to get ready for a date, by all means I will! I realized dressing comfortably can also make a whole lot of difference. This double slit chiffon skirt is my favourite thing at the moment! The sheerness brings out a whole new quality to the leopard prints. It looks so good when I walk against the wind but unfortunately there weren't much wind when I took these photos . :( 

Hat - Daiso | Dream catcher earrings - Beadstreet

The blouse I have on is basic yet understatedly pretty. I always talk about how amazing leather looks with lace and there you have it - two in one! It's actually very flattering to wear multiple prints together as long as you keep the colours consistent. Since the weather is cool you can layer stuff like sweaters over and that is why I love sleeveless collar blouses.

Photos by JJ

Besides taking time to dress up, I absolutely love tumblring for interior design inspirations. I am currently obsessed with home offices built in small spaces. The annual IKEA catalogue never fails to impress me too. I apologize in advance if I flood this space with office photos soon haha! I guess a well designed personal space always makes me enjoy working at home more.

What makes you happy?


Staycation Weekend

It all began when I received an email from HYPE Magazine that I have won a one-night stay at the Klapsons Boutique Hotel. Ever since our last staycation, Nigel and I have been planning to go on another. Let us share with you what we did to make the best out of our short getaway.

Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
5 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089316

The star of Klapson's hotel lobby is a sphere shaped reception above waters.

Located at Tanjong Pagar where it's mostly office buildings, there were nothing nearby for us to explore but that was easily overlooked with a lobby so impressive. It is no ordinary hotel when there's velvety chairs, LED installations and a spiral stairwell; quirky and chic! Customer service was good but the only thing I wasn't delighted with was they charge your credit card as deposit so it means you can't get your cash back immediately upon checkout. I would recommend paying cash deposit instead.

The Executive (basic room) was a pleasant surprise. From what I know, rooms start from $390+.  I love the carpet floors, full length mirrors but my favourite had to be the shower! It's so unique and you get to change the light colour or listen to radio just for extra fun. Sure it required some getting used to but just imagine being able to watch TV and chat with friends while showering?! Other cool things in the room include a Nespresso machine and fully automated switches - draw curtains by pressing one button because you are too lazy to move. Is anyone else annoyed by bad quality toiletries? Not a problem in Klapsons because you get Colgate toothpaste and hair conditioner that actually works.

The open concept shower in the form of a cube that also links you into a walk-in closet.

Sweater and dress - both from ASOS | Boots - Dr Martens | Clutch - m)Phosis

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill lane, Singapore 069261

Rustic bar setting with really awesome music - a perfect spot for lazy days.

Claimed as 'the best brunch place in Singapore' by Ladyironchef, we too give Club Street Social two thumbs up. It serves all-day breakfast then converts into a bar at night. I'm no expert in food, but the first bite already gave me the 'I think that's it' feeling. Wild Honey is crap compared to them in all aspects - bad service, ridiculous prices.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with fontina and chives ($12) + bacon ($4)

Hatched is mediocre after we tried this. The eggs had a great texture and consistency, doesn't taste too buttery and we loved the occasional bits of undissolved sea salt. This was probably the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten in my entire life.  I will order this again.

Panini: Prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, and truffle mayo ($16)
The bread was very tasty and crispy, with fillings of ham coated in creamy mushroom sauce. Very delicious, a must try!

Dessert: Nutella bread pudding with ice cream ($12)

Some friends recommended us to try this. While Nigel loved it, I did not find it amazing. It is rich and delicious but dry. The ice cream helped but pretty sure I could do without the dessert. We were too full by then anyway.

Breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino, Klapsons Hotel.

Klapsons is known for its 15-storey sky bar but it was a pity they don't operate during weekends. Otherwise, we could have enjoyed some cocktails while enjoying the city lights. A thing to note: there neither gym nor swimming pool.

Sweater from H&M

POP! In the City II
20th – 30th October 2012 | 10am – 10pm daily
ION Art Gallery, Level 4, ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

We decided to see some art in town. The temporary exhibition displays some of the most famous artworks by pop artists in the last century. I am new to appreciating art so luckily, plenty of texts helped explain what's going on. It was so inspirational to see what went on in lives of the artists that shaped their unique way of expression. Some artists define art as 'the ability to please'.

Tiffany's signature 'Little Blue Box' by Burton Morris

Last photo at the lobby before we departed! A short getaway provided quality time for us as a couple. We feel really fortunate for the opportunity to do so all thanks to HYPE magazine. I hope this post gave you ideas for your next staycation. Meanwhile, check out the brunch place and art exhibition I highly recommend!

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Bohemian Like You dress - Dressabelle

Military coat - Etam

Metallic booties - Esprit

Photos by JJ

I am so happy that it's been raining in Singapore. That cold, snuggly feeling and able to wear all your favorite jackets without perspiring. I got mine two winters ago in Shanghai. Despite the buttons have rusted a little, I'm actually liking that antique effect! The print on my dress delivers a modern Gothic vibe. Baroque is my favourite print ever, my Twitter profile screams likewise haha. However if the apparel is not well designed baroque can make something look really cheap. Trust me on that one, I've seen tons. I also love that it has a relaxed lampshade that is great for a casual look. I didn't want to look overly girly so the outfit was completed with metallic leather boots. Am I the only one who cannot seem to have enough boots? Especially after watching this video which tempted me further:


Feature In NP News Magazine

{right click on image and view in a new tab}

About two months ago, I got a call from the school office. 'A' told me he wanted to feature me in October's issue as a stylist, and my task was to style two students under a budget. At that point, I was surprised, confused and unsure. Stylist, really? What if I messed up? I have never styled any body besides myself and my Barbie doll. The pressure was on because I did not want to embarrass anyone on a magazine that was going to be issued to every NP student's household.

The shopping experience told me a stylist's job is not easy. Shopping is already peanuts compared to directing the shoot, lightening, conceptualizing. I can only imagine! Thank God Nigel helped me so much (love you) and I finished shopping within a day. On the day of shoot, A, Naomi and Wilson were all so great to work with (thank you)! We had fun and most importantly, the students felt comfortable in their outfits. My job was accomplished. As you can see, some of the items were thrifted from Salvation Army! I'm a firm believer that second hand clothes can look just as good.

Ahh, what a pleasantly strange feeling to see myself in print! Pretty sure I stuttered during the interview but hey, a first time to everything right? :)