All Eyes On Accessories

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Creepers - Underground | Cut-Out clutch - c/o Dressabelle | Bracelet - Charles & Keith

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Oversized necklace - Bangkok | Executive Tweed Skirt - c/o Dressabelle

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Photos by JJ

I have to admit that I am lazy. I constantly buy accessories but many times I cannot be bothered to put them on. But today I decided to keep my clothes simple and accessorize tastefully. I love how the pattern of the skirt varies in proportion yet aligns neatly in grid form, I also love the magnified effect of my necklace. Details always attract the curious eye! If you want others to view your ensemble like a painting, the best way is to get them hooked with your accessories. If you are as lazy as me, at the very least, wear a watch. Functionality meets style.



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M.A.C. Lip And Cheek Colour in Evening Stroll

It's all about flowers, pastel colours and a whimsical mood for my ensemble today. As if it's not obvious enough that purple is my favourite colour...I picked up an orchid colour multi-purpose product from MAC. Using the same colour on both cheeks and lips is a good ol' rule of thumb which you can never go wrong with. I like dabbing the product using my fingers, the lingering vanilla scent from the product is really nice too! We all know how awesome MAC lipsticks smell right? :-)

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Crochet Collar Peter Pan Dress - c/o Dressabelle | Sunflower hairband - Bangkok

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Oxfords - Esprit | Socks - Daiso

Look who photo bombed my picture today! I don't mind at all. That little fella was really affectionate; sipped for a drink from the puddle of rainwater, came to me asking for pats, then alternated between the two the entire time.

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Photos by JJ

On a more personal note, I have completed my final exam paper of Polytechnic life. Feeling free like a bird!


Flowers And Overalls

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Denim overalls - H&M (similar: 1, 2, 3)

Hey, you! Stop giving me that disapproving look man. "You used to wear that with diapers when you were four!" was the first thing my mom said when I picked my denim overalls from H&M in Hong Kong. Yeah, she wasn't joking. Probably categorized as one of the most man-repelling fashion item after harem pants, I honestly can't care less because they're SO comfortable. Plus they never seem to get dirty which is why I wore it throughout my Bangkok trip last year. 

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My outfit reminded me of this:

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A Minion in overalls and a bunch of bananas

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The WHAT-ARE-YOU-WEARING-LOOK from an entire cabin of passengers on the MRT

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Adrian Floral Top - sponsored by Once Upon A Shop

Moving on. I normally wear a plain white tee under my overalls but floral with denim might be the best combination yet! All I'm missing is a cowboy hat and fringed boots to look like a convincing country girl. I just love how cute the collar looks between the shoulder straps. Besides florals, a red checkered shirt would look equally adorable on hot summer days. Tie a bandana on your hair or stick a sunflower beside your ear. If you have amazing abs like my friend Georgina, wear a cropped top beneath and finish off with converse sneakers!

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On a random note, I am really happy that my dark eye circles visibly vanished with the help of Benefit's Erase Paste! But I did use another concealer lightly on top of it. These photos are straight from camera and unedited so judge for yourself. I might do a review of that product soon!

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Pink Friday nail polish, Nicki Minaj collection - O.P.I.

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Timberland boots

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Photos by Lenne Chai

I don't know what's with my strange facial expressions, maybe the change of environment made me want to try something different. As much as I love outdoors, a studio really saves me during gloomy days. Due to the bad weather lately, it has been really difficult to come up with good quality outfit posts. Thank you Lenne for taking the time to help me with pictures! And yes, we worked together recently shooting for a commercial shoot which going to be amazing. Stay tuned!


Skating Grids

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Happy Valentines Day! Doesn't matter if you spent it with your partner, good pals or alone, I wish you happiness. There is nothing wrong about spending Valentines' day alone! I spent my 14th February at home in pajamas. Why? Because I was so tired! In my opinion, this occassion had become over commercialized as an opportunity for retailers to up their prices. No, thank you, I do not want to be around town stuck in a fine dining restaurant observing thirty other couples. No, I am not that interested in comparing who holds a bigger rose bouquet or Teddy bear. I don't want nine hundred and ninety nine roses if I had to clean up withered petals. If you truly love somebody, it is only natural to shower him/her with care every single day right? Why wait for this one day?

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Polo shirt - Good Morning Beautiful People, Uniqlo | Jeans - Forever 21

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Allow me to introduce to you our latest hobby - skating! Actually, I am not sure if this is even considered 'skating'; y'know, those professional skaters who skate in bowls. If I'm not wrong, these are originally called the Penny skate boards from Australia. The originals are more expensive. As amateur skaters, we purchased mini boards from 7-Eleven (Orchard area) for only $59. 

They're more sturdy than I imagined. Though tough, the board is actually rather flexible, allowing you to easily shift your weight left and right. I love that these mini boards are portable and light weight. Of course, there were many colour combinations to choose from to suit your personality!

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Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in 640 Coral Chic

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Maddison Magenta Bucket Bag - sponsored by O'ORO

Since I was skating, I didn't want to carry a whole load of stuff with me. I have been obsessed with small bags lately, forcing me to stop collecting receipts (don't we all do?) and carrying excessive amount of lipsticks. 

Have I mentioned before that I really like colourful bags? I have gotten plenty of compliments for this bucket sling I'm carrying. It has a gorgeous blue suede material on the front side and faux leather everywhere else. Surprisingly, the material is so soft looks almost look and feel like real leather! Super comfortable to carry. My camera hardly justified its quality at all. :(

If you like the bag, you can get it at O'ORO!

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Sneakers - VANS

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I am still learning, but already loving the feeling of skating! I am still extremely afraid of down slopes and constantly tilt too far left. But I am so glad Nigel and I now have another hobby in common. We went to skate at one of our favourite areas, Queenstown, because that's where we met! 

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Photos by Nigel



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Underground Burgundy Patent Wulfrun Double Sole Wedge Boots - ASOS

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Woohoo! I am more than delighted to finally own a pair of authentic Underground shoes. I have been wishing for a pair for the longest time, ever since I was in my early teens, idolizing heavy metal singers like Marilyn Manson and electro rock duo Helalyn Flowers. It seemed like all rockers owned a pair of creepers and tartan chained jeans and so I wanted one too. Marilyn Manson always wore his ridiculous (yet smashing) 6-inch creepers on stage. In the past when online shopping wasn't as convenient, brands like Underground and TUK were almost inaccessible unless you had relatives who lived in Europe. I have also gone to the extent of purchasing knock off versions *guilty* from TB but honestly, the quality is nothing close to the real deal.  In case you're wondering, the knock offs cost me SGD $20+. They are now tucked in a corner, moldy and gross, rarely worn.

ASOS is my favourite online store in the entire World Wide Web. Even better now that they carry selected Undergound shoes! Not to mention, ASOS's free international shipping policy makes everything almost irresistible. Guess how much I purchased these creepers for? SGD$89.04, on sale! I consider this a fantastic deal bearing in mind it's made out of real leather, except the platform.

Sizing wise, I recommend buying one UK size down. Underground shoes run big. I have asked three friends who own Underground shoes and they agree with me. In my case, I normally wear a EUR 39/ UK 6/ US 8.5, and so I opted UK5 for my creepers. My creepers fits me snugly with enough space for thick winter socks! Buy one size down, unless you have wide feet.



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Can you believe it, it is the Chinese New Year weekend already! Many people have been waiting for this break. Poor citizens of Singapore finally have three days off from work. As for me, due to the small amount of relatives in Singapore, I have a lot less visiting to do. Nail parlors, hair salons and supermarkets are filled with people right now. Not to mention, the public transport. Oh god, I dare not imagine the horror during this festive period. When there's all these crazy rush in town, it really makes me appreciate time spent at home just watching TV by myself. 

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Suede wedges - Brash, Payless | Socks - Daiso

As my outfit is relatively plain, I took the opportunity to play with details. I am a huge fan of accessorizing, especially statement pieces! The Bottega Veneta-esque weave bag brings texture to my cotton dress. I added Japanese wave socks with repetitive patterns that matches my bag visually. My accessories are different on their own but still looks harmonious beside each other. This cute combination definitely rewards a curious eye for details!

 photo IMG_9914-2_zpsa31fc033.jpg
Revlon Matte lipstick in Wine Not

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Weaved bag - m)Phosis

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Dress - c/o Dressabelle

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Photos by JJ

Happy Chinese New Year to you! If you are visiting, remember to dress comfortably and shoes that are easy to remove. Stay happy, healthy and always count your blessings. I hope you enjoyed this post!