For Love, I will.

(Taken from Tumblr)
"Relationships come with a lot of tribulations. We fight, we yell, we get jealous, we cry, we feel pain, we hurt, we scream, we get frustrated, we get angry, we get upset, we break up and our emotions take us over. So why do we do it? Why would we want to feel not just sad, but truly hurt, sad to the point where your whole body hurts just because of one person, sad to the point where you feel empty when everything falls apart, sad to the point where your heart aches for the company of that being. I’ll tell you why I do it, its because besides all those moments when your stupidity gets in the way of what your truly feeling and you “fight”, the moments when you are truly loving someone are the most touching, astounding, magnificent moments you will ever experience. When two people are just loving each other its magical. And to those of you who are to scared of getting hurt and too scared of the baggage that comes with relationships, let me tell you this, having someone you love and having them love you back is a feeling that you can not substitute. Having someone look at you with such a deep emotion is remarkable. Having someone touch with so much care brings a feeling of weightlessness throughout your whole body. Having someone whisper they love you feels like they screamed it. Having someone to hold your hand at all times just feels special. Having someone to be your best friend and be loyal to you and never lie to you feels so safe. So yeah, relationships suck, breaking up hurts, but having that someone that you feel so comfortable with, someone that you let inside your soul, someone that lets you inside theirs, someone to talk to at all hours during the day, someone to laugh with, someone to fall asleep with, having someone that is your other half for whatever amount of time you are together, is true beauty and I wouldn’t trade it for the world."


How-To: Cropped Tops

About a month ago, I promised myself to go on a shopping diet till end of April.

I failed.

But I am still trying! I'm a shopaholic and when it comes to clothes, I don't think I'll ever own enough. This is an issue that I fully aware of currently struggling with. With so many neighborhood malls around my school and home, it is difficult to look away from well dressed mannequins and sale racks. Plus, my daily dose of Lookbook+Bloglovin+fashionistas on campus makes it almost impossible to NOT know what I'm lusting for...

So far, I have been using an iPhone app (Piggie) to track all my expenses, not visited a single blogshop, and not walking into fashion boutiques.

I need to shop less for two reasons:
1. To save at least 20% of my allowance every week
2. To rediscover my existing wardrobe

To my surprise, there were so many old, preloved pieces I found in my wardrobe! One of which was is a t-shirt with a skull printed on it. I purchased it 5 years ago.

What you'll need:
- An old tee you're willing to destroy (preferably graphic/patterned shirts)
- Scissors
- Pencil/chalk

(Click to enlarge)

How to?
  1. Lay shirt on a flat surface. Picture how you want your cropped top to look like. There are many types of a 'cropped top'. Some like the collars big, some prefer it short to show off their abs. 
  2. Cut away the collar, sleeves and shirt rim. Snip with care and try to avoid rugged edges. Then, cut the collar, sleeves and shirt rim to however big/wide you want. (Tip: every time you finish cutting an area, try it on to make sure your top is wearable...you don't want a collar so wide that it drops off the shoulder!)
  3. Now's the tricky part - the curve. I first marked the midpoint, then briefly drew out curves line towards the bottom. After making sure it looks somewhat symmetrical, snip away!
  4. Finishing touch - trim the edges to smoothen the appearance. Use sandpaper against edges to remove loose thread. (Tip: simply stretch every opening to instantly minimize uneven edges.)

Try it on!

My brand new top!

More ideas for your cropped top:
- Cut an opening on a random part of the top and hold it together with safety pins
- Cut vertical slits along the bottom of the top to create fringe.

How to wear?
- Safest choice - with jeans and a nice belt
- With a flowly maxi skirt. Wear the top by itself, tucked in, or even with a knot to show off your abs
- Over something that's too revealing to be worn alone
- Whatever works for you

I wore it with a pair of skinny cargo pants. Here's the look:

See it HERE on Lookbook! Please support :)

My ever faithful Timberland booties
Grumpy because my fish tail braid is so messy (yep, just learnt it today)

Hope you enjoyed this entry! Looking forward to my weekend, I'm halfway there.


Good Friday Weekend

So...I survived the first week of school. Had a pleasant 3-days weekend with the people I love.

Maxi dress from Forever 21

My camera man <3
Coffee to get me going on my tutorials

Guess what are those...

It's my new laptop case!
I could stare at the details forever.

My attempt to capture rain drops
A little pigeon at my window which seemed to be looking at me


Year 2

Year one in Ngee Ann Poly passed in a flash. I made a handful of close friends, worked in an entirely new environment and learnt some of my lessons the hard way. When I walk past certain parts of the school it reminds me of times when I was heartbroken, and others that make me smile sweetly to myself. My life seems to be moving in a new direction. I really don't know what I'm moving towards because despite having a place in the 'best business school in Singapore' (yes I'm thankful for that), being a student who actually is in it isn't that glorious after all. I still remember my first day of school, when I was charged with excitement and drive, when I was a little scared like every other freshman. When I wanted to know every single person so bad because everyone's doing it. My energy didn't last long, and I lost hope and interest in many aspects. Today as I once again walked in the school gate, I heard cheers and saw countless freshmen dressed in colour code. I saw my friends as group leaders. I could tell the campus was louder than it has ever been in a long time. But I couldn't feel the excitement, not even a bit. The thought of getting to the lecture hall on time interested me more.

I visioned my Poly life a much better place...

But my imagination deceived me and I end up oh so disappointed.


Girly Meets Tough

Hello everyone! Just a quick outfit post right here. This might be the last outfit post for a week or so because school starts tomorrow and will do its job keeping me busy from day to night.

The dress I'm wearing is pretty loud for both its colour and texture. I personally will not wear it out on a daily basis... To give the dress two personalities, I simply changed my footwear.

With knee high socks + loafers:

With combat boots:

Please click on my outfit thumbnail found on the sidebar for more info about what I'm wearing! And remember to HYPE if you have an account, that will totally make my day :)

Lastly, have a great week at school everyone!


ZARA Lookbook for April

Look 1 - Girly meets tough. My favourite outfit out of all. I love lace and military inspired pieces, so isn't this surprising put-together a perfect combination of two?
Look 2 - Slouchy sweater with tight fitting 3/4 pants. ZARA made this look so effortless...yet dressy enough for various occasions.
Look 3 - Colour blocking is a huge trend for 2011 but I am not (never will be) a fan of it. This look reminds me of M&Ms.
Look 4 - To me, a much more wearable version of look 3. That double-breasted blazer is too cute, contrasting perfectly against the dark blue jeans.

Which is your favourite?


For more, click here. Image courtesy of ZARA.

Kendall Jenner

I'm in love with her dress!

Image courtesy of www.thevoguediaries.com


The Salvation Army

Tired of town and other crowded shopping districts of Singapore, Amanda, Nigel and I decided to explore an unconventional shopping spot - the thrift store. The one we visited was Praisehaven Family store set up by The Salvation Army that is located in Bukit Merah. (Thanks ZN <3)

Leopard inner slip, blouse, purse - Shanghai. Boots by Vancl. DIY ripped stockings from Daiso

Me, Amanda
Butt-slamming caught in action

Some tips to thrift store shopping!

- Skip the lingerie section. I don't think anybody wants to wear an old underwear. Shoes too.
- Make sure there aren't damages/stains on an apparel that cannot be fixed.
- Buy clothes that FIT. It's not really worth tailoring.
- Try on clothes! (Yes, changing rooms are available in the store.)
- Any wooden/paper items should be thoroughly checked for pest infestation.
- Lastly, always keep an open mind, you'll never know what's there.

For more information on what I'm wearing, price etc please click on my outfit thumbnail on my sidebar!


Stuff I picked up from the thrift store:

{everything is second hand except aviators.}

1. Brown high waist skirt (love the slits on the sides), $5
2. White high waist shorts, $5
3. Vintage aviators, 2 for $5
4. Pentax compact camera, $2.50

    Subtotal = $17.50

I am so happy with the compact camera, with the price especially! It works totally fine with some additional functions other compact cameras don't have, even came with a case! It's in mint condition when I found it, with only slight dirt and scratches. If you're the previous owner and reading this, THANK YOU for leaving this baby to me in such wonderful condition.

To end this entry, I just want to say I enjoyed shopping in the thrift store. Many of the stuff there were preloved and in decent condition. The Salvation Army welcomes donations (in terms of material items) so I urge everyone to think twice before throwing 'junk' that might be a treasure to someone else! Besides, it's for a good cause too. :)


Happy Things

Just a quick update! What's keeping me happy recently.


1. My ukulele

Yes, I finally got my hands on my first ever instrument! I have zero musical background and um well, not musically talented at all. But I enjoy singing when nobody's at home and that pushed me to learn an instrument so there's something to hold on to instead of just me singing awkwardly to the karaoke screen.

Turned out the ukulele is pretty simple to pick up, however difficult to master. So far so good, I'm still trying to perfect my first song, my fingers are in so much pain! :(

2. Universal Studios!

80% of you who are reading this have probably gone USS, but it was my first time just a couple of days ago! Incomparable to Disney Land I must say, but thrilling for me nevertheless. I enjoyed the Mummy ride especially, it's my favourite.

And after much persuasion and peer pressure from my friends, I gathered just enough courage to go on Cylon. The sight of it scares me to death, I must be completely nuts at that moment to ride it but hell yes it made my trip to USS worthwhile. NO REGRETS.

A very bad view of Cylon of Battlestar Galactica

3. Bralet

This piece of apparel might not be the most versatile item but definitely looks pretty on. (right?) I'm still thinking of ways to incorporate this bralet into an outfit that's wearable. Suggestions? 

It's only $10 anyway.

"Vanilla florals" bralet from Cotton On, $10

4. Mom's jewelry

Some jewelry that belonged to my mom...that are mine now.
Vintage jewelry

  • Peanut necklace: I used to wear it when I was a baby. There's even some tooth marks on the peanut from my attempt to chew on it.
  • Green marble earrings
  • Foral earrings: My favourite out of all! It's really vintage - even has a clip on the back.
  • Green gem earrings: Very striking. Wore that for prom night.
  • Blue 'raindrop' earrings: Wish I had multiple ear holes to wear both pairs at once.
  • Brown stone earrings: Love the streaks when its reflected against light.
  • Grape earrings: Why are those grapes yellow?

5. Goodbye Lullaby - Avril Lavigne

Avril's 4th album! (5th if you count in My World) Have been playing the record on repeat every night. I remember how my friends and I used to idolize her when we were in primary school, it was our childhood! Time flies and that girl is already 27 years old. 


The playground behind church


I've been looking at Lookbook for a long time and have always had the urge to join the community. The concept of seeing ordinary people putting together amazing pieces from their everyday wardrobe just fascinates me, it tells me lust worthy outfits doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant. Great sense of style never belonged just to catalogue models in the first place. Now that I have a blog to showcase some of my outfits, I also wish to take it to a new level.

Anyway, if you're interested, PLEASE CLICK on the images provided on my sidebar! Do hype/fan if you like my outfits, I welcome other feedback too. Your support will totally make my day as a beginner on Lookbook<3


Today's entry is a mini 'photo shoot' at a playground near my church. Well, I've never been on those slides before, but the little space and the white wall is a great place for photos in the afternoon because the wall reflects so much light around! Also, it's hidden from the rest of the world which is a plus point! Yay for zero awkward stares from public.

Let's start with my favourite shot of the day:

‎"Ballerina" - beautiful, strong toned legs from years of dancing. Grace in every move.
Vintage earrings
Mandy told me that this amazing pair of earrings belonged to her mom! So girls, do sneak into your mom's wardrobe every now and then ;) You'll be surprised on what you can find.


During my shopping trip at Shanghai, I came across this military bodycon dress and got it for Bernice. It goes perfect with her boots! I love the shoulder pad details and the sweetheart cutting at the chest.

Shoulder pad details


I'm obsessed with her stockings!

The legs
"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot." -Marilyn Monroe 


My auntie from Shanghai gave me this leopard printed dress as a gift. I have never been a huge fan of this animal print, not till the moment when I realize how they look on me...
Dress and clutch, brandless. Leather heels by Aldo
The clutch I'm carrying was featured on my older entry. (Yes I bought identical ones for des and myself.) To know its details like price and where I got it, please click HERE!

Animal rings from H&M

The four of us :)