During the term break I went out for lunch with my girlfriends, you know, just casual day out with lots of things to catch up on each other.

Anyway, this is just my OOTD. I will do another post on the the day itself. Lots of pictures!

Turban - Rubi, top - mom, maxi skirt - City plaza, Celine inspired wooden wedges - Hong Kong
My $2 velvet turban from Rubi, also seen in this entry! (Valentine's day)

Singapore is way too humid for nice hair. I love my turban so much - so cute to me, so dressy. As a head wear, it really helps when you're having a bad hair day.

Since the weather was sweltering, I wanted to wear something that was airy and comfortable. The top's made of mesh but has floral pattern all over, thus not overly translucent. I believe it was intended as intimates/night wear cause the top comes with matching shorts as a set.

I got the shoes from Hong Kong. It's inspired by Celine, and has been making its statement for probably more than a year now. It's also seen literally EVERYWHERE when I was in Hong Kong. They're not exactly easy to walk in (I mean, you're walking on solid wood!!), but definitely pretty with anything floral, denim and maybe army greens. Plus, I got them in black! I love black shoes.

If you want to get a similar pair, I suggest visiting City Plaza, this shoe store located on level 3. The other time went they was all sold out. So good luck.

Image credit: http://www.shoewawa.com/2010/03/celine_ss_2010.html


Little pet peeves

  1. That half-way-dropping "poster" (actually it's just a magazine page) which I've been wanting to fix. It's beyond my reach and I've been letting this sight bother me for the past 3 months. SIGH
  2. Filing - something I don't exactly love doing but definitely satisfactory upon completion.
  3. My favourite ring committed suicide from great heights and I could never wear it ever since. (I need to get some super glue soon.)
  4. Well, this isn't exactly a pet peeve. Just a sight in my room when the afternoon sun cast some patterned shadows on my printer.

I can't believe 2 weeks of term break just passed by like this. School tomorrow..gahh.


Black Milk Dress

Image credit: http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/
Image credit: http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/

Yep. Used to be only leggings, but recently Black Milk came out with dresses. Oh my. Look at that purple galaxy dress. That's SICK! And out of this world! (literally too.)


I need that in my life!


Wednesday Addams

Gotta love the Addams family!

I remember watching them on cartoon network as a child after school, singing and snapping away as the theme song is playing. I have also watched the original movie in black and white film. My favourite character is non other than Wednesday Addams!

Source: Sgnewwave

*snap snap*
They're creepy and they're kooky, 
Mysterious and spooky, 
They're all together ooky, 
The Addams Family!

Today's outfit was inspired by Wednesday Addams and put together last minute. And yes...I actually wore that out and got countless weird stares from the curious, confused public. For the purpose of the photos, I added the bow tie, added false lashes and braided my hair to exaggerate the look. Fierce?

Wednesday does not wear heavy eye makeup. Like, obviously cause she's just a child. But the hollows of her eye socket and dark circles were emphasized as seen. But I did a dark eye anyway because I wanted a more gothic feel. Shouldn't have even concealed my under eye area!

How to achieve Wednesday Addam's makeup:

Face: Use a pale matte foundation, set with powder
Eyes: Dark smokey eyes. Don't be afraid to use lots of shadow, as long as you dont make it overly messy. I used lots of mascara, then fake lashes for the lower lid.
Cheeks: Heavily contoured. I used a plum blusher, but you can use brown shadow or bronzer. I did some contouring for my nose, temples and chin as well.
Lips: Wipe out your lips using a concealer, or use a pale nude lipstick.

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I finally got my hands on these babies. Noticed them around 2 years back when no one wore them on on the streets (ashamed to say I only got them recently), when I was still obsessed with imaginary gothic characters like Emily the Strange and Wednesday Addams. Well I still love them; those little girls, although fiction, influenced my style over the years. It seemed like a pair of mary-janes could go with anything from uniforms to lolita tutus, seen on children, postmen and maybe spooky dolls.

I actually wore the dress the other way round because I don't like the crew neckline. 

My photographer!

Mandy is fantastic at jump shots simply because she is a dancer! "Grace in every move". She was literally dancing away when I caught these shots, varying from leaps to spins. Try doing her poses and you might sprain your spine, so take caution.

To end of this post, I would just want to thank those who have been with me ever since I embarked on my Lookbook journey! This is my 14th post, which acquired 80 hypes in just 4 hours, and made it the highest of all time. It might not be even significant compared to many, but I'm just so happy and grateful for every single form of support, from friends and strangers all over the world. (Yep, I know who are the ones that's always with me) It's an amazing feeling how people actually acknowledges how I carry myself visually, and how my style is being appreciated. 

Remember, you can still 'like' my looks via Facebook if you do not have a Lookbook account!

The making of Katy Perry's 'Firework'

I've never been a big fan of Katy Perry, but this video left me speechless and gave me new found respect for her. In order to film, she selected 200+ youths with challenges and inspiring personal experiences to be part of her music video. She also mentioned that she wants to give back and not forget all the individuals out there with a dream to become who they want to be.

Watch and be inspired. I know I was.


Summer Brights

Along Haji Lane...

(perspiring to death in my blazer, under the hot sun)
Blazer - Cotton On, dress - Topshop, clutch - Shanghai, wedged suede booties - second hand from flea market


Studded wedges, $32++ from City Plaza (I own a same pair)

Here's what we wore for the shopping event hosted by Victoria Jomo. Oh and that's Mandy by the way! She's such a darling, always being there for me and offering me great advice. I love her earrings - those belonged to her mom! See, we both love vintage things don't we? Oldie but goodie!

The dress I wore definitely makes a bold statement among the sea of black in my wardrobe. I've never been a fan of bright, colourful dresses. I was forced by my boyfriend to try it on one day while we were shopping. Who knew I ended up loving it! The original price was at $69, but I got it for $36 after 5 weeks of waiting + Topshop's seasonal sale + membership card. Love shopping with my boyfriend because he's never too impatient and always on a lookout for girly things for me <3


Vintage Finds From Victoria Jomo

Yesterday I attended "Fit All You Can" by Victoria Jomo. Basically, its a shopping event whereby you purchase either a $35 or $55 carrier, then grab as many items of your choice as possible and fit them all into your carrier within 20 minutes.

Who doesn't love fashion buffet?

I got the $35 carrier (about the size of an A4 paper) and managed to snugly fit 5 items.

Here's some of the pieces I brought home with me.

1. Embroidered mesh corset top - Super figure flattering, fits me like a glove.
2. Chiffon blouse - concealed buttons, pleated ends
3. Silk blouse - Big shoulders with a tapered waist. ADORE this piece.

Gorgeous, intricate details
Maple leaves detailing
What I felt about the event:

It was very well organized so I'm happy with the overall shopping experience. However, stocks that claimed to be constantly restocked were gone by the time I reached, which was mid afternoon, thus leaving me slightly disappointed because I did have some items in mind beforehand.

BUT, look at what I've got! Aren't they beautiful and one of a kind? I am surprisingly happier with my purchases than I thought I would be. Well, maybe you don't agree with me. Even my mom said I have a serious problem because those belonged to her time!

I've been really into vintage clothing recently, kept pestering my mother to dig out old stuff from her closet. Might consider doing a blog post on that?


Up next: outfit entry. Stay tuned!

Through distance and time, I'll be waiting.

Old photo of my parents
Haven't seen my dad for some time, but I'm so happy because he is coming home today.



Really can't bring myself to update this lonely space because I'm all choked up with school and endless social expectations. I have plenty to write about - like the super belated Audi Fashion Festival and my 3-days getaway to Turi beach, Batam. I can't wait to share! Every school day is so exhausting and mundane, I barely have time for myself and loved ones. My nail colour is left to chip, my list of to-watch movies keeps growing, always feeling too tired to play my uke at the end of the day though I really want to. I have lots of outfits put together in my mind but I never had the chance to wear them out on weekends.

Can't wait for my term break. Can't wait to update this space.

(I'm back on Tumblr! That's because mobile blogging is much easier, I can do it on my way to school^^ Check it out.)